Araluen Solar System completes Alice Solar City’s Large Scale ‘Iconic’ Solar Program

The installation of a 162kW solar power system on the roof of the Araluen Arts Centre in Alice Springs will see the completion of all large scale iconic projects for Alice Solar City.

With the successful construction tenderer Ingenero Pty Ltd announced today, the Araluen system will be the fifth iconic system installed after those at Crowne Plaza, Alice Springs Airport, Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre and the Uterne Solar Power Station.

“This is a very exciting part of the Alice Solar City legacy, and we congratulate the Northern Territory Government and the team at Araluen on maintaining their commitment to Araluen becoming an energy efficient and solar powered centre for the Arts in Alice Springs”, says Alice Solar City General Manager Sam Latz.

The photovoltaic (PV) system will cover all suitable roof space on the main Araluen building (over 1000 square meters) and will generate 302MWh of electricity and save 211 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per annum, enough to power 36 Alice Springs homes.

“This now takes the level of electricity generated by solar in Alice Springs to just over 3%, one of the highest levels in Australia per capita.”, says Sam Latz.

Alice Solar City supported the detailed design of the Araluen iconic solar project which identified that the installation of PV would significantly change the ‘profile’ of their electricity consumption.

“Basically, a large part of the power the Precinct uses during the day would be met by solar and overnight consumption would make up the larger part of their remaining consumption.”

Therefore it makes sense for Araluen to shift to a ‘demand tariff’ which includes higher daytime (peak) charges but lower nighttime (off‐peak) charges to significantly reduce net costs.

To reduce costs further, a smart device called a ‘power factor corrector’ will reduce the amount of ‘phantom’ electrical current (required by electrical motors, air‐compressors etc) running during the peak times.

“Alice Solar City has provided  50% of funding for CAT Projects to prepare technical details for the tender process and provide technical input into the installation of PV.”

“CAT Projects have managed almost all of our iconic projects and their expert knowledge and experience with large scale solar will ensure a high quality and well engineered outcome for the Precinct.”

The Alice Springs Solar City Consortium is led by the Alice Springs Town Council and includes support from the Northern Territory Government, Power and Water Corporation, Tangentyere Council, the Northern Territory Chamber of Commerce and the Arid Lands Environment Centre. Funding sources include the Australian Government, the Northern Territory Government, Power and Water Corporation, and Alice Springs Town Council.

Source: Alice Solar City

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