Energy Transition for the Home: Conergy complete Systems with Sun Storage

Solar power around the clock, totally carefree – greater independence, security and design

Conergy gives Germany’s house owners greater independence. With the complete solar systems from the Hamburg system supplier including a sun storage and a comprehensive carefree service package, the road is now clear for clean solar power around the clock. Private households can cover more than 70% of their annual power requirements with the solar power plant on the roof and thus embark on their very own energy transition. They will thereby lower their exposure to rising electricity prices and achieve markedly lower overall monthly electricity bills. But that is not all: Whether elegantly integrated into the roof or creating a neat surface on top of the tiles, the all-inclusive solutions with sun storage “Conergy Complete 200” and “Conergy Complete 300” in their “little black dress” bring sophisticated design and aesthetics onto every roof.

Grid parity is a reality: Every self-consumed kilowatt hour of solar power saves costs
“In Germany, grid parity is already a reality for many private households,” said Conergy Board Member Alexander Gorski. “Using the green solar power from your own roof instead of drawing energy from the grid, which is mostly produced using fossil or nuclear fuel, now represents a genuine alternative for plant owners – particularly in view of the way electricity prices have developed over the last few years and the current household electricity tariffs, which have risen sharply. With each kilowatt hour from their own solar plant that they consume they are already saving hard cash today. Storage technologies that make the solar power available at night as well, when the sun does not shine, will play a key role in the future. They will help to further increase the proportion of own consumption and the degree of autonomy that households enjoy, thus gradually making solar energy even more competitive.”

DIY energy transition made easy through comprehensive service package
The Conergy complete solutions include everything for the solar future: high-performance and simultaneously aesthetically pleasing components combined with state-of-the-art, resilient storage technology and a smart energy management system make the most of the sunshine. In addition, the all-round carefree package ensures 100% customer protection. Thanks to the Conergy Premium Fully Comprehensive Insurance, which safeguards up to 90% of the yields over 10 years, the comprehensive guarantees for the system components as well as the customer-friendly terms of the PremiumPlus module warranty the customer is secured for all eventualities.

3-in-1: store solar power, use solar power, feed in solar power
The storage solution used by Conergy is not a conventional battery but a fully integrated system, which combines a highly efficient string inverter, an intelligent energy management system and extremely resilient batteries in one sleek compact unit. With its nominal output of 5 kilowatts and a storage capacity of 8.8 kilowatt hours, the sun storage is designed for a 3 to 5-person household; it is roughly the size of a refrigerator and weighs around 220 kilograms.

The Mercedes among storage devices: technology as used in Hybrid S-Class and Airbus
All components of the sun storage are perfectly matched and rely on the same state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology that is also used in the automotive and aircraft sectors, in the Airbus A350 and in the Mercedes Hybrid S-Class for instance. Lithium-ion batteries excel through high storage capacity and energy density as well as long service life. They last for around 7,000 full cycles, which corresponds to over 20 years of operation, and therefore three times as long as lead-acid batteries. In addition, the maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries have the great advantage that their self-discharge is 50 to 80 per cent lower and their cycle efficiency much higher – this means lower losses and greater yield for the user. The intelligent energy management system analyses the yield of the solar plant, household consumption as well as the charging status of the battery on a second-by-second basis. It then optimises the energy flows, increases efficiency and automatically selects the most favourable option, thus guaranteeing long battery life.

Tax paradise: complete system with sun storage fully tax-deductible
In terms of system efficiency too, the sun storage plays in the Champions League with a strong 85%. This relatively high overall value in comparison with the industry standard is due on the one hand to the considerably higher efficiency of the lithium-ion batteries but also to the lower conversion losses. The battery converter charges the energy produced by the solar plant directly from the DC link of the inverter. Unlike the situation with most other systems, this means that the direct current is stored in the battery without any detour and with minimum conversion losses. And the batteries also offer great speed: they are fully charged within just one hour. This makes the sun storage one of the fastest on the market. But this DC system does not only offer technical advantages; the plant owner also enjoys tax benefits, as the storage unit with its integrated PV inverter is considered part of the solar plant and therefore fully tax-deductible.

Complete solution for installers: fast, simple, secure from planning to installation
The Conergy complete solutions start with the planning process itself. The Conergizer online tool allows the installer to execute the planning for the solar plant quickly and professionally. The timely delivery of the pre-assembled components directly to the customer’s door saves the installer a great deal of effort and leaves them sufficient time to concentrate on the essential: the installation. All components of the complete systems are optimised for fast, simple and secure fitting down to the smallest detail – be it with the snap-in rail system for the in-roof system Complete 200 or the patented QuickFix fastening system of the on-roof variant Complete 300 for virtually tool-free installation. The storage unit is also easy to handle thanks to pre-assembled components. It is “plug & play”, so to speak. Installation is performed exclusively by certified installers. Installers receive their certification upon completion of the storage unit training, which Conergy offers as part of its extensive training programme at the Conergy Academy.

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