Solarcentury is awarded Planning Approval for 6.3 MW Solar Park

Eastleigh Borough Council have granted planning permission for a solar photovoltaic park at the Chalcroft Farm, West End near Southampton.

Yesterday’s decision marks an new era for Solarcentury in the development of solar parks.

Frans van den Heuvel, CEO, Solarcentury said:

“Solarcentury has designed and built 10 solar parks in the UK to date and this is the first where we have acted as developer.We currently have 68 MW in our development pipeline”

“When the right sites are selected, solar is a very attractive technology” he added.

Once complete, the solar park at Chalcroft Farm will consist of 25,632 panels, covering approximately 40 acres of land. It will produce enough electricity to power the equivalent of 1,800 homes.

Solarcentury sites are selected for their minimal visual impact and proximity of grid connection.

The solar park goes towards meeting the renewables energy target set by the local council.

Eastleigh Borough Council Leader, Keith House, said:

“The Borough prides itself on leading the agenda on tackling climate change and the Chalcroft Solar Park will contribute to reaching our ambitious target to reduce CO2 from the Borough by a third by 2020.”

Solar can be scaled quickly and according to a yougov survey, is the most popular clean technology with the UK public.

Arun Services, a local construction company, has been awarded the principal subcontracting role, ensuring jobs remain with those in the area.

Solarcentury is one of the most respected solar companies in the world. Founded in 1998, we have been around since the early days of the solar industry and have been part of the evolution that has made PV the attractive investment it is today. We have put solar on a greater variety of sites than any other company in the industry, and have won multiple awards for product innovation.

We work directly with our clients to design and install commercial, industrial and utility scale solar. We also supply our products and services to installers and distributors. All of our customers benefit from our experience in terms of engineering quality, superior yields and sheer breadth of deployment.

We are a big believer in helping solar PV change our world for the better and contribute 5% of our net profits every year to the charity we founded, SolarAid, which aims to eradicate kerosene lamps from Africa by 2020.

Solarcentury has offices in the UK, Italy, The Netherlands and a growing presence in Africa and Latin America.

Source: Solarcentury

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