Alice Springs has Good Reason to Celebrate Solar City Fifth Birthday

“Where do I start?” asks Alice Solar City General Manager Sam Latz, of the achievements made in Alice Springs, on today’s fifth anniversary of the Project.

“The efforts of residents and the commercial sector over the last five years have been quite incredible and it can be hard to know where to start when talking about them.”

The Central Australian town is now saving over 10,000 Megawatt hours of grid energy each year, as a result of Alice Solar City’s residential, business and large-scale iconic programs.

“That’s equivalent to the annual consumption of 1,100 average homes. It’s a great outcome for all the hard work put in by the community since we launched in March 2008.”

The fifth birthday also sees the completion of the 12 month Energy Challenge for residents and businesses to reduce their use by 10-20%. It has resulted in total energy savings of $16,400 per annum, with prize winners to be announced at a 5th birthday morning tea on Monday 11 March.

“9 of the 29 residents and 4 businesses hit the target they set themselves, and two more made a reduction of more than 10% but had set themselves a 20% target”, says Sam Latz.

Local resident Marilyn O’Keefe and her family joined the energy challenge and reduced their power use by just over 50%, saving $1762 off her power bill.

“The Challenge made us more responsible and diligent with our energy use and to look at what we waste. It was very good for our family and good for the environment.”

Alice Solar City’s 5th Birthday also celebrates the success of its Year of Energy Champions. “We’ve had a great response from our customers to the Year of Energy Champions and the businesses and residents that feature on our website speak for themselves.”

“During the last 12 months almost 50 residents and businesses have gone public on our Wall of Energy Champions, telling their story about how they have reduced their energy use (some as much as 80%) and how they are generating electricity from the sun (some more than they consume!)”

Overall outcomes of the Alice Solar City project in the last five years include:

– 3% of our power is now generated by solar – several times the national average
– Over 2,700 households have had a free energy survey (a third of households! $32 million invested in energy efficiency and solar power
– 193 businesses (representing a third of commercial energy use) are more energy efficient
– 903 solar hot water systems have been installed on homes
– 1,428kW of rooftop solar PV has been installed with our support
– Households are saving an estimated total of 3,400 MWh of electricity and 2,000 tonnes of greenhouse gasses per annum.
– The total economic impact of the project has been independently assessed at $100 million

Source: Alice Solar City

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