Bosch presents Powerful New Modules with New Frame Concept and Innovative Safety Solution

Premium modules with half-cell design and increased output up to 290 Wp
New frame concept with self-cleaning effect and greater mechanical stability for pressure loads of up to 7200 Pa
Intelligent switch-off concept: Enhanced safety for installers and emergency workers during transport and in hazardous situations

Bosch is to present a wealth of innovations at Intersolar Europe 2013 from June 19 to 21 including powerful modules with a new frame concept and the intelligent automatic switch-off concept for photovoltaic modules. Bosch Solar Energy will present these new products at five showcases. The Bosch booth will also feature intelligent storage solutions as well as Bosch inverters and integrated energy concepts.

Bosch Solar Module c-Si M 60+ S – more output and improved product design
Featuring a new generation of cells, the new premium module with a black half-cell design consisting of 120 half monocrystalline high-performance solar cells is also equipped with a burned-in anti-reflection coating on its micro-structured, toughened front glass. These features increase light absorption and allow module output of up to 285 Wp. A highly transparent encapsulant provides more exposure to light, while innovative structured cell connectors reduce electrical and optical losses in the module and therefore also increase output.

New frame with improved self-cleaning effect facilitates installation
The black premium module has a new frame featuring many innovations which particularly facilitate its installation and maintenance. Optimized ergonomics ensure easier handling during installation. The use of a central bar improves the stability of the frame, offers a variety of mounting options and enables the module to withstand pressure loads of up to 7200 Pa.

The module frame also features drainage corners. These allow rainwater to flow away at the lower corners and therefore enhance module self-cleaning, preventing soiling and moss in the lower section – frequent causes of reduced output. The drainage corners also provide additional grounding options.

Launch of white high-output module – series production in Arnstadt starting summer 2013
Series production of a half-cell module with white and silver components is to commence this summer in Arnstadt. Because the white rear encapsulant is more reflective than the black encapsulant, this module has an even greater output of up to 290 Wp. It also features the highly transparent encapsulant with structured cell connectors and a burned-in anti-reflection coating on the micro-structured, toughened front glass.

In addition, Bosch Solar Energy is working at its Arnstadt plant on further development of cell generations. The first module prototypes which are based on the new cells already showed peak power of around 300 Wp. A prototype module with 72 cells was currently tested with a peak power of 360 Wp.

New concept for automatic switch-off of photovoltaic modules
Intelligent electronics in the junction box of every photovoltaic module ensure automatic switch-off of individual modules and the whole solar system if the building’s power supply is interrupted (e.g. by the fire department). Compared to conventional Schottky diodes, the active bypass diodes used in the module junction boxes significantly reduce heat production in the event of shading (bypass incident). Unlike conventional switch-off solutions, the new Bosch concept automatically controls re-start.

This solution complies with a new VDE security rule of application. In Germany it is valid for the planning and construction of PV systems at or on buildings since May 2013. The rule determines how to prevent dangerous voltage, in case of fire for example.

All Bosch products will be on display at Booth 270, Hall A2 at Intersolar Europe in Munich from June 19 to 21, 2013.

Information on Bosch’s withdrawal from the field of crystalline photovoltaics
On March 22, 2013, Robert Bosch GmbH announced that it will pull out of the crystalline photovoltaic business field by the beginning of 2014. The aim is to sell the business outright or in individual sub-divisions, if possible.

Activities at Bosch Solar Energy are continuing at present, support for business partners is assured, and your familiar contacts remain available.

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