Ceramic Fuel Cells in Distribution Partnership with Novogaz

Following a successful market test, the two partners are driving the distribution of the BlueGEN technology in the French-speaking part of Switzerland

Ceramic Fuel Cells, a leading developer of generators which use fuel cell technology to convert natural gas into electricity and heat for homes and other buildings, today announced a distribution partnership with Novogaz SA, a subsidiary of Holdigaz Group. Under the agreement, the two partners will join forces in distributing the highly efficient BlueGEN technology to the growing market for micro CHP’s in the Frenchspeaking part of Switzerland. This move intensifies the cooperation between the two partners that started in 2010 when BlueGEN units and integrated systems were installed in a field testing exercise.

Bob Kennett, CEO of CFCL, stated: “The distribution agreement with Novogaz is truly advantageous for us. We benefit from the market experience of our partners that give us greater access to the attractive Swiss market, thereby strengthening our European BlueGEN distribution network. We have successfully cooperated over the past years and look forward to further intensifying this partnership in our joint distribution.”

Pascal Favre, director of Novogaz SA, confirmed: “We have tested the BlueGEN in-depth and we are extremely impressed with the efficiency and reliability of the technology. Now is the right time to take the next step. We are confident that the BlueGEN will prove to be an attractive value proposition for our clients and help us to quickly identify buyers.”

The Swiss market is known for its high environmental awareness and the strong interest in innovative solutions for clean energy generation. There is also substantial need for noncentral solutions in electricity generation. The two partners view this as a major opportunity to successfully market highly efficient fuel cell-based micro power plants. With their joint distribution agreement, the two partners are laying the foundations for a strong position in this future-oriented market.

The development and launch of new natural gas technologies constitutes Novogaz SA’s core business in Switzerland. The innovative company forms part of Holdigaz Group, a leading Swiss gas utility that offers diverse services in the natural gas market. They include the construction and operation of natural gas grids, gas trading, gas supply and direct distribution to clients, the installation and maintenance of gas systems in households and the production and export of biogas into the gas grid.

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited is a world leader in developing fuel cell technology to generate highly efficient and low-emission electricity from widely available natural gas. Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited has sold its BlueGEN gas-to-electricity generator to major utilities and other foundation customers in Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Australia, and the USA. Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited is also developing fully integrated power and heating products with leading energy companies E.ON UK in the United Kingdom, GdF Suez in France and EWE in Germany.

The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market and the Australian Securities Exchange (code CFU).

Source: Ceramic Fuel Cells

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