Cost Optimization for Decentralized Solar Parks: SolarMax MT3-SV

Along with their main function – converting the generated direct current of the PV modules to grid-compliant alternating current – inverters also have a decisive influence on plant design and as a result on the investment costs of a PV power plant. Regarding the SolarMax MT3-SV (power output 18kW), we focused exactly on this function.

Based on the tried and tested MT series, SolarMax developed a string inverter particularly suitable for use in decentralized solar farms with a direct connection to the medium-voltage mains. The MT3-SV has the potential for inverter-dependent cost-savings (AC wiring, installation expenditure, switches, etc.) of up to 35%. This in turn is an important foundation for each investor who would like to competitively market his solar power.

Economic and individual
The multi-tracking concept (three MPP trackers) of the SolarMax MT3-SV allows for the reduction of the gaps between the module rows and as a result increases the installed capacity per unit area. Decentrally designed solar farms are accordingly implemented at lower costs. The yield optimization of very small PV power units is another advantage. In this way, different irradiation conditions or terrain structures are compensated, for instance, and the modules can be individually adjusted to their maximum operation point.

Professional plant monitoring and control
Plant monitoring is performed professionally via the internet using the MaxWeb portal. The only prerequisite is to use a data logger so as to record the current measured values, yield data, and events. The MaxWeb NX SPC solar plant controller allows the active and reactive powers to be controlled directly at the grid feed point. In this way, SolarMax MT3-SV inverters contribute to grid stabilization.

The MT3-SV will be available as of Q1/2014.

Source: SolarMax

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