Denmark is ‘Gift to the Earth’

On Monday the 21st of October, Denmark, global leader on climate and energy, receives WWF’s ‘Gift to the Earth’ award in recognition of the world’s most ambitious climate and energy targets.

In recognition of the Danish environmental accomplishments the WWF presents Denmark with the ‘Gift to the Earth’ award. Other than international leadership in e.g. wind power, the award is based on Denmark’s ability to create long term climate and renewable energy targets and to streamline power production leading to very high levels of energy efficiency. Factors which have formed at cleantech sector with substantial impact on the Danish economy.

Since the 1970’s oil crisis a lot of work has been put into green growth in Denmark. Public resistance to nuclear power contributed to nourish the interest for renewable energy solutions, and in 1985 the Danish Parliament formally decided that no nuclear power stations should be built in Denmark. Instead Denmark has become the absolute world champion on one key renewable technology – wind power

A role model
As late as this September, a new report from the U.N. Climate Panel concluded that we need to act fast to protect the climate. With sea levels rising, droughts, and extreme weather, rising temperatures have already had a serious impact on both humans and on the planet.

“Denmark illustrates that it is possible to develop a sustainable society and at the same secure economic growth and welfare. This is the kind of lighthouses we need at a global level to inspire other countries. As a large international environmental organization WWF would like to applaud Denmark for its global leadership,“ says Jim Leape, International General Secretary at WWF.

‘Gift to the Earth’ will be presented to the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt on Monday the 21st of October at the conference Global Green Growth Forum in Copenhagen at 12:30 PM.

Source: Danish Wind Industry Association

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