First Turkish project realized with CSUN ‘s “Made in Turkey” Modules

CSUN, a specialized manufacturer of solar cells and modules is delighted to announce that the first project with its locally produced modules has been realized in Turkey. The 66 kWp system was realized by KosiFrankensolar on top of the Asfa school in Istanbul’s district Üsküdar.

Bülent Yildiz, General Manager of KosiFrankensolar explains: “We chose CSUN modules because it was important for us to work with a well known global manufacturer as well as using locally produced components. The recently opened Turkish factory CSUN Eurasia allowed us to meet both criteria.” He further explicates: “In addition to providing their own electricity and thereby reducing the school’s operation cost, an important parameter for the decision was to use the solar system for training and demonstration purposes. Turkey as a sun rich country could benefit strongly from solar deployment. With the integrated SMA monitoring system, they can directly demonstrate to pupils, parents and other interested groups the functionality of the system in terms of energy generation as well as emission savings.”

The system is planned to produce 75 MWh per year, out of which 30% will be self consumed. The remaining generated electricity will be fed into the grid. The feed-in tariff received will be used to refinance the private investment in this project.

The CSUN Eurasia factory located in Tuzla at the outskirts of Istanbul was inaugurated in May 2013 by the Turkish Minister of Energy, Mr Taner Yildiz, and has a module capacity of 300 MW and a cell capacity of 100 MW. Currently CSUN Eurasia is the largest solar manufacturer of this size in Turkey and the first overseas production capacity set-up by a Chinese manufacturer outside of China. Working in close cooperation with potential partners CSUN contributes to developing a Turkish solar industry in excess of its own investment.

CSUN designs, manufactures and delivers high efficiency solar cells and modules to the world from its production centers based in Turkey and China. CSUN also invests in high potential solar projects. Founded in 2004, CSUN is well known for its advanced solar cell technology, reliable product quality, and excellent customer service. For additional information, please visit

Frankensolar is a leading distributor in Germany, Europe and North America for grid-connected solar installations (photovoltaic systems). With more than 20 years experience in decentralized renewable energies Frankensolar cooperates with an extensive international installer network. Today the Frankensolar Group employs more than 100 people globally, trains qualified personnel and has a presence across Germany and in various global Markets. Since the foundation of Frankensolar people and the environment have been at the core of the business. The knowledge that renewable energies provide the only alternative to fossil energy provision and the technical expertise are the base for success and long-term partnerships. The Turkish cooperation KosiFrankensolar started operations in April 2013 based on the same philosophy and principals of personal support.
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