Fundación Iberdrola awards 73 Postgraduate Scholarships and Grants for Energy and Environmental Research

The number of aid packages granted has increased by 37%
The institution will support 50 students who will broaden their education with Master’s studies and 20 who will conduct research projects
With this initiative, the Foundation contributes to excellence in education and to technological development to address the transformation of the energy modelLa institución apoyará a 50 estudiantes que ampliarán su formación con un máster y a 20 que desarrollarán proyectos de investigación

Fundación IBERDROLA has published the list of beneficiaries of the 2013 announcement of its Master’s Scholarships and Grants for Energy and Environmental Research Programme. A total of 73 young graduates and researchers will be supported by the Foundation, which represents a 37% increase over the previous year.

Through this initiative, the Foundation seeks to promote excellence in education in the area of energy, with special emphasis on the development of renewable energy sources and the enhancement of biodiversity, as well as the efficiency of the energy system.

Scholarships for Master’s Studies in Energy and the Environment in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States

Specifically, 32 students will pursue their studies in the aforementioned areas at Spanish universities, 13 at British universities and five at U.S. universities. The programme covers the total cost of enrolment plus a monthly allowance of 1,200 euros, 1,200 pounds or 2,100 dollars, based on the destination.

This year, the plan has been extended to Mexican students, who will further their studies in Spain. Also worth mentioning is the greater participation of Spanish and British graduates in Master’s studies in the United States, thus promoting the international exchange of knowledge.

Aid for Research in Energy and the Environment

Through the Energy for Research programme, 20 young people will be able to conduct their research projects at universities or centres in Spain, with a maximum aid package of 20,000 euros a year. The Foundation thus contributes to the strengthening the relations between private business and the research community, through its commitment to technological development aimed at the transformation of the energy model.

Prado Museum Restoration Training and Research Grants

Lastly, three young people will be able to complete their education as specialists in restoration through their participation in the Conservation and Restoration Programme of the museum, of which the Foundation is a supporting member. Each grant is endowed with an allowance of 1,500 euros a month.

The Master’s Scholarships and Grants for Energy and Environmental Research Programme, which was launched in 2010, seeks to promote the education of new generations and the creation and transfer of knowledge to contribute to the training of top-calibre professionals to face the challenges of the future. Last year, nearly 150 young people completed postgraduate and PhD studies at prestigious international universities with the support of Foundation, while another 700 had the chance to train at the IBERDROLA Group as apprentices or trainees.

The beneficiaries of these Fundación IBERDROLA grants, which are part of its 2010-2014 Master Plan, have been selected from among more than 725 applicants based on criteria of academic excellence, quality and feasibility of the programme or project to be carried out. The final lists are already available on the website

With Ignacio Galán as founding trustee and Manuel Marín as chairman, Fundación IBERDROLA focuses its activity on four major areas: training and research, energy sustainability and biodiversity, cooperation and solidarity, and cultural development in the countries where the IBERDROLA Group carries out its activity.

In addition to this scholarship and research grant programme, the Foundation carries out other initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of people in the regions where the IBERDROLA Group operates. Worth pointing out in the Support for Biodiversity area is the Bird Migration Programme (; in the historical-artistic heritage area it carries out major projects such as the Atlantic Romanesque Restoration Plan ( and the Illumination Programme for outstanding buildings; and lastly, support for solidarity includes the Energy for Solidarity social aid programme.

Source: Iberdrola

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