Funding Opportunity Announcement: Advancements in Algal Biomass Yield

As part of the Energy Department’s efforts to develop transportation fuels that don’t rely on petroleum, the Energy Department announced on January 16, up to $10 million available this year to help unlock the potential of biofuels made from algae. The funding will support projects aimed at boosting the productivity of algae and increasing the efficiency of algae harvesting technologies.

Projects selected for funding will focus on improving algae productivity, enhancing algae cultivation systems to maximize yields, advancing preprocessing technologies, and integrating these improvements into complete processing systems for algae biofuel intermediates.

The Department encourages applicants from industry, universities, and national laboratories. A cost share of at least 20% of the total project cost is required. For more information about the content of this funding opportunity announcement (FOA), or to apply, please visit the EERE Exchange website.

Source: EERE Biomass

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