Greece: Clean Energy for Athens thanks to 500 Kilowatt Conergy Power Plant – Over 700,000 Kilowatt Hours supplied by the Greek Sun to power 200 Households

Once again, Conergy is making strides in Greece: Hot on the heels of the 1.5 MW installations in January, a 500 kilowatt plant is completed on the 2.25 acres of roof space at the warehouses of Hellenic Energy S.A. in Agios Ioannis Rentis on the edge of Athens.

Conergy acted as main contractor and was responsible for the overall planning, engineering and design of this turnkey rooftop installation, as well as for the supply of the components and the handling the construction where they cooperated with Hellenic Energy S.A. After connection of the power plant at the end of January, 58 inverters are feeding the clean electricity produced by more than 2,000 Conergy PowerPlus modules on Conergy SolarFamulus mounting systems into the grid. With an annual production of over 700,000 kilowatt hours, the plant can supply around 200 households in Agios Ioannis Rentis with power generated from the Greek sun. At the same time, it will prevent the production of more than 360 tonnes of harmful CO2 emissions per year in the Greek capital – as much as around 89 acres of forest could absorb in the same period.

“Thanks to the country’s excellent climate, solar installations in Greece provide the perfect combination of sound economic thinking and environmental protection” says Dr. Stefanos Melissopoulos, Managing Director of Conergy Greece. “But the country’s high insolation levels are not the only advantage. Greece has a large amount of industrial roof space, providing the perfect conditions for making clean and safe investments. There is still great potential.”

“Conergy possesses a unique track record and many years of experience”, says Ioannis Kavalis, Managing Director of Hellenic Energy. “This is absolutely vital when planning complex roof spaces. It means everything is supplied from a single source and we are assured of absolute top quality. This is very important when making an investment, particularly in today’s difficult times.”

Source: Conergy US

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