HEC Reaches Milestone……. Shipping 2 Mega-Watt System

HEC hydrogen energy system

Ted Hollinger, HEC, CEO and President, announced the shipment of the first installment on a two (2) megawatt order. On March 8, HEC shipped the first half of this order. The second installment, which will complete the order, will be shipped by the end of May.

This is a milestone for the company, since these are amongst the largest spark-ignited, internal combustion, hydrogen engines in the business. In fact, we are not aware that anyone else has ever created an internal combustion, spark-ignited hydrogen engine of this size. Each of the 10 engines involved, are tuned to produce 200 kilowatts, for a total of two megawatts.

This shipment marks a major transition at HEC, since we have now proven that we are able to produce large amounts of energy with hydrogen. The significance is that in order to reach these high energy levels, it was necessary to make many changes, and design and manufacture, a new intake manifold. We will discuss in greater detail the facts surrounding our new intake manifold (patent pending) in another news article.

Even though the advancements that we made were very painful, time-consuming, and expensive, they will be rewarding in the long run. Our competitors in an attempt to compete with us, will have to go thru the same painful process, as we did. In order to protect our innovation and advancement we have filed a patent on our new intake manifold, which has enabled us to reach higher power levels, especially with hydrogen.

The shipment we have made is to a customer who has waste hydrogen as a natural by-product of his main chemical process. Even though a project of this size, utilizing waste hydrogen, has never been attempted before, we have learned a lot in the process. By establishing the exact steps that need to be taken, we are able to repeat them again and again, successfully manufacturing these high-powered systems. We expect increased interest in our technology as a result of the successful completion of this project. Watch our website for more announcements.

Source: Hydrogen Engine Center

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