HEC to file Patent for “Reverse Flow” Engine

Ted Hollinger, President & CEO, Hydrogen Engine Center, announced today the filing of a new patent on a special application of what he calls the “Reverse Flow” Engine. This is an engine that HEC has been developing for years. We have been running the engine in our test facility in Algona, Iowa.

The new design allows the engine to basically run backwards with the exhaust and intake manifolds being reversed. A major advantage of this arrangement is for all of the exhaust heat to be focused in a central spot near the top of the engine. This gives the higher concentration of heat that can be achieved and does it with a very simple design.

The “reverse flow” engine creates a high-quality form of what is called “CHP”, combined heat and power. The exhaust in an internal combustion engine typically dissipates around 30-35% of the thermal energy created by the ICE. This innovation makes it possible to efficiently harvest this “normally wasted” thermal energy.

There are endless uses for this new “patent pending” technology. Any place where a high-quality source of heat is needed is an ideal use for the technology. For example, at the same time our HEC gensets are producing electricity by use of almost any fuel, the system can also be heating water (liquid) up to over one thousand degrees Fahrenheit and using it for either heating or cooling, if an absorption chiller is added.

HEC expects the interest in the new system to be high and be a major future source of revenue for the company. It gives our company another unique product and makes our overall systems more versatile and usable in many more applications.

Source: HEC

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