Heliocentris – Change of Company Name

In order to rank among the recognized market leaders in the renewable energy sector, Heliocentris evolved continuously since its formation.

The most recent and big step was the expansion of our business segments and business orientation through the acquisition and integration of the P21 GmbH in May 2011. The two companies complement each other perfectly and have grown into a strong, unified and professional unit. The renaming of our legal entities is the next logical step along this way.

From January 2013 onwards the Heliocentris Group will continue it’s undivided services out of the following legal entities:

The Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG with headquarters in Berlin constitutes central functions like human resources, accounting, marketing etc. It acts as a holding company.

The Heliocentris Industry GmbH, formerly P21 GmbH is located in Berlin and Munich and comprises sales, product management, research and development as well as all other relevant functions for our world wide business with clean energy and energy management solutions.

The Heliocentris Academia GmbH, formerly Heliocentris Energiesysteme GmbH, has its headquarters in Berlin and enfolds sales, product management, development and production of education, training and research systems for the generation, storage and management of renewable energies as well as the associated curricula for our customers world wide.

The Heliocentris Energy FZE (Free Zone Entity) is located in Dubai, Silicon Oasis and enfolds the local sales, solution engineering, project management as well as maintenance and operations for our clean energy and energy management solutions in the middle east and north Africa.

The Heliocentris Energy Systems Inc. has its headquarters in Vancouver and enfolds the sales and business development of teaching, training and research systems for the generation and storage of renewable energies and the associated curricula in the regions North and South America.

The change of the company’s name means little change for our customers, suppliers and other business partners. All contracts are automatically passed on to the respective GmbH. And of course, our business partners will be supported by the same contacts seamlessly.

Please direct your correspondence to the P21 GmbH from now on to the Heliocentris Industry GmbH and your correspondence to the Heliocentris Energiesysteme GmbH from now on to the Heliocentris Academia GmbH.

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