Iberdrola awarded Tender for Electricity Supply of the Juan Carlos 1 Royal Marina in Valencia

Juan Carlos 1 Royal Marina in Valencia

Worth over half a million Euros
One-year agreement includes power supplies to nine high-voltage and fourteen low-voltage points with an option to extend for another year

IBERDROLA has been awarded the electricity supply contract for the Juan Carlos I Royal Marina in Valencia worth € 545,000. This is the company’s first contract with this organism since the Government assigned the Marina to the Consortium

This supply agreement will last for one year and contemplates the possibility of extension for another year if both parties opt to do so. The supply includes nine high-voltage points and another fourteen low-voltage points.

Some of the more prominent facilities to which IBERDROLA will supply power with this contract include the central dock for large-scale yachts, emblematic buildings such as Veles i Ventas, the headquarters for the teams that participated in the 32nd and 33rd edition of the America’s Cup, the passage wharf at the old shipyards, the headquarters of the Valencia Regional Sailing Federation and the municipal sailing school Escola Municipal de Vela.

The Company has agreed to furnish preferential business treatment to the Royal Marina through a personal manager and a permanent customer support for channelling all business processes and incidents. The specific particulars of each supply point will also be considered so as to optimise the installed power capacity and, finally, to minimise costs.

IBERDROLA expects that the first half of this year will conclude with 14.9 million contracts in Spain, representing a growth of 5.7% compared with the same period last year. This figure includes agreements entered on the free market for electricity, gas and energy services, and those corresponding to the Last Resort Retailer, which handles customers subscribed under the erstwhile Last Resort Rate.

IBERDROLA has reached this number of contracts on the basis of a business strategy seeking to adapt to the needs of consumers through products and services that are competitive not only in price but also in excellence of service.

With over a century in the Autonomous Region of Valencia, IBERDROLA has grown strong roots by fully integrating through company and institutional activities. In this regard, IBERDROLA is associated with the Valencia Business Confederation (CEV), Castellón Business Confederation (CEC), Alicante Provincial Business Confederation (COEPA), Valencia Regional Energy Cluster, Camp de Morvedre Business Association (ASECAM) and the Institute of Energy Technology (ITE). Additionally, the company is a plenary member of all three regional Chambers of Commerce.

IBERDROLA is the main producer and retailer of electricity in the Autonomous Region of Valencia, producing 60% of the electricity consumed and handling over three million electricity contracts, approximately 100,000 gas contracts and 70 customer support centres.

Through Fundación IBERDROLA, the Company has been supporting the Energy for Solidarity social aid programme since 2010 with a view to collaborating in the development of projects that promote quality of life improvement for vulnerable social groups. It is also worth noting that the Foundation has been collaborating with 20 local associations distributed throughout the three provinces of the region.

The Foundation has also completed the restoration and lighting projects for the Chapel of the Monument at the Royal College Seminary of the Patriarch and is now undertaking the first full restoration of the tapestries of the Royal College-Seminary of Corpus Christi, which were donated by San Juan de Ribera. This priceless collection of large tapestries dates back to the sixteenth century.

Source: Iberdrola

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