Iberdrola commissions First Two Wind Farms in Asturias

El Segredal (Asturias) wind farm..

Facilities built by IBERDROLA’s engineering subsidiary and wind turbines supplied by GAMESA
The El Candal and El Segredal wind farms, located in the western region of the Principality of Asturias, have a combined capacity of 74 megawatts (MW)
With these new facilities, IBERDROLA enters the wind power sector in one of the few regions of Spain where it did not have wind farms in operation, thus further strengthening its position at the helm of the sector

IBERDROLA has just commissioned the El Candal and El Segredal wind farms, its first two wind power facilities in Asturias. They are located in the western region of Asturias and their combined capacity is 74 megawatts (MW).

These wind farms herald IBERDROLA’s expansion into one of the few regions where it did not have operations, thus consolidating its position as the leading company in this business in Spain, with a capacity of over 5,700 MW.

The El Candal wind farm is located between the towns of Castropol and Boal. Equipped with 19 next-generation wind turbines, it has a capacity of 38 MW. With 18 wind turbines, El Segregal (located in VillayĆ³n) has a capacity of 36 MW.

The combined capacity of these two facilities located in one of the windiest areas of Spain will allow to supply renewable energy to around 25,000 homes in Asturias, thus avoiding the release of some 100,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere each year.

IBERDROLA’s engineering subsidiary was in charge of building and commissioning both wind farms. Both facilities are equipped with next-generation wind turbines (Gamesa G80 model) standing 67 metres high and with a rotor diameter of 80 metres.

Some 100 people were hired to build the two wind farms and around 20 new permanent jobs were created for the operation and maintenance stage. Most of these jobs went to local people from the communities served by the wind farms.

IBERDROLA is the leading company worldwide in the renewable ENERGIES sector, both in terms of power (with a capacity of over 14,000 MW at the end of 2012) and in terms of electrical output (almost 31,800 million kilowatt hours generated last year).

Source: Iberdrola

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