Iberdrola completes Commissioning of Whitelee Expansion (Scotland), the Largest Wind Farm in Europe

As part of its commitment to sustainable development
Located south of Glasgow, this renewable energy complex has increased its installed capacity from 322 megawatts (MW) to 539 MW
Annual output at Whitelee will be equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 300,000 Scottish households and will prevent the emission of 840,000 tonnes of CO2 every year
Whitelee, already the biggest wind farm in Europe before its expansion, is now one of the most important in the world

IBERDROLA, through its British subsidiary ScottishPower Renewables, has successfully completed the expansion of Whitelee wind farm in Scotland, which has become one of the most iconic in Europe.

Located south of Glasgow, before its expansion Whitelee already had the largest installed capacity of any wind farm in Europe, and has now increased its capacity from 322 megawatts (MW) to 539 MW, thus consolidating itself as one of the largest wind power facilities in the world.

This rise in capacity has been achieved through the installation of 75 wind turbines manufactured by the international engineering company Alstom: 69 ECO 100 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 3 MW and 6 ECO 74 turbines, each with a capacity of 1.67 MW.

Annual output at Whitelee will be equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 300,000 Scottish households and will prevent the emission of 840,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

This facility has become a symbol throughout Scotland of the acceptance of wind power as an engine for progress and job creation. Some 350 IBERDROLA and local suppliers’ employees have worked on the expansion of the wind farm and the full-time workforce assigned to operation and maintenance has reached 49 people, making it one of the largest in the world.

A key factor in Whitelee becoming a benchmark wind farm in the UK is the success of the Whitelee Windfarm Visitor Centre which has been visited by 270,000 people since it was first opened in 2009.

Built within the wind farm complex, the centre includes a range of interactive displays and exhibitions. A separate learning hub, staffed by Glasgow Science Centre experts, caters for primary and secondary school visits. Workshop sessions are tailored to specific age groups to teach pupils more about the technology and science behind renewable energy. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of additional visitors have directly accessed the site’s 90kms of tracks and paths, popular for a diverse range of outdoors activities, from walking and cycling to horse riding and stargazing.

The UK, a strategic renewable energy market for IBERDROLA
The UK is a key market for IBERDROLA in the development of renewable energy. Indeed, the UK is the springboard for the Company’s development of offshore wind and marine energy technologies in Europe, regarded as the second renewables revolution and its number one commitment within the renewables sector for the coming years.

To that end, IBERDROLA has an Offshore Business Division based in Glasgow which, in coordination with its offices in London, Berlin, Madrid and Paris, oversees the gradual implementation of its project portfolio, amounting to around 8,000 MW in the UK, Germany and France.

Among the offshore facilities being developed by IBERDROLA in the UK we can highlight the West Of Duddon Sands (WoDS), which is set to be the first such wind farm ever commissioned by the Company and will have a capacity of 389 MW, and East Anglia Offshore Wind, the largest offshore complex in the Company’s portfolio, with a capacity of up to 7,200 MW.

In Scotland, the Company is also undertaking projects involving two other promising technologies: tidal power, through its Hammerfest project, and wave energy, by way of the Pelamis initiative.

IBERDROLA is the global leader within the wind sector in terms of both capacity, with over 14,000 MW at the end of the first quarter of 2013, and electricity output, with nearly 31,800 million kilowatt-hours generated in 2012.

Source: Iberdrola

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