Infigen Energy chooses Romax Remote Monitoring for its Texas Wind Farms

Infigen Energy, owner and operator of 24 wind farms across the USA and Australia has chosen Romax as its independent provider to support the company in reducing downtime costs on two of its wind farms currently being monitored in the US.

The company says it benefits from the Romax InSight Health Management Solution, a combination of technology and services that provide early warning of upcoming wind turbine failures. Up to 75% of the operational expenditure for a large wind farm is typically related to the site’s O&M function. Every detail of O&M must be as efficient as possible to remain competitive in terms of the commercial cost per kWh of electric power generated.

‘It’s great that we are seeing InSight make significant cost savings to owners and operators in predicting turbine failure and correcting this through scheduled maintenance,” says Ashley Crowther, Romax VP Engineering, U.S. “InSight lets users understand their wind turbines and proactively take control of maintenance to ensure maximum uptime and revenue with minimum cost.

James Snelson, senior mechanical engineer for Infigen Energy, said, “We have chosen Romax to work on our 81 Siemens units in Texas to provide a fully transparent, third-party, condition-monitoring solution. I selected Romax because I felt confident they had the expertise and knowledge to meet our needs. A major plus was their level of communication, openness, willingness to collaborate, and enthusiasm to drill down to the root cause of any problems.”

Source: Infigen

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