MX Group Spa signs a 1.75 Billion Euros agreement for the Construction in Serbia of the Largest Solar Park in the World

The announcement made today in a press conference at the Government Palace of Belgrade.

The Italian company MX Group has been appointed as exclusive EPC Contractor for the design and construction of a solar park that will cover an area of three thousand hectares in the Republic of Serbia. This will be the largest solar park in the world, two times bigger than the solar park in California, which until today was the first in size.

Luxembourg Securum Equity Partners Europe SA, the client, has signed a framework agreement with the Republic of Serbia which has been presented today in the Government Palace of Belgrade. On 19th of February a preliminary agreement was signed with MX Group Spa, the company in charge of the works. The total investment in the operation is about 1.755 Billion Euros + VAT. The Solar Park, named “Onegiga Project”, will consist of one hundred plants, 10 MW each, installed between 2013 and 2015. The land used for the installation of the solar park is located in proximity to the power lines and is characterised by maximum solar radiation efficiency. These areas are marginal and will not affect farmland. Carmelito Denaro, president and managing director of MX Group Spa, says: “We are very proud to have entrusted this prestigious task, enormous in size, which will also lead to the opening on the spot of a solar panel factory and an EPC Contractor company. This project brings MX Group and the best technologies of the solar sector into a European area of great economic and strategic interest. It is also a recognition of the role of our industry in the sector, an extraordinary impetus to our productive capacity”. For this agreement, MX Group has been assisted by the law firm Studio Legale Dubini, and Securum by Baker McKenzie.

MX Group has a wealth of experience on an International level. In addition to two production sites in Italy, the MX Solar USA plant has also been active in New Jersey since 2010, where photovoltaic modules are manufactured especially for the US market. The company Fimer will be the exclusive partner of MX Group for the supply of inverters in Serbia. Onegiga Project is one of the concrete results of the new organisation of the MX Group, where Carmelito Denaro holds the position of MX Group president and managing director and Massimo Denaro is in office as Solarday president and managing director.

MX Group Spa is an Italian company leader in the production of photovoltaic modules. It plays an active role in the sector since 2002 and it is specialised in the construction of turnkey plants as an EPC contractor. The quality of the products and whole industrial process are periodically certified through factory inspection by international major certification bodies. The company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001- 2008 for quality, OHSAS 18001:07 for safety in the workplace, ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management systems and SOA qualified for the execution of public works.

Source: MX Group

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