People urge Government to develop Homegrown Renewable Energy Resources

RenewableUK has hailed an authoritative new study from Cardiff University on people’s attitudes towards renewable energy. The study, conducted over two and a half years, with 2,441 participants, highlighted the fact that a massive 82% of people say that they are worried about the country becoming dependent on energy from other countries. A similar figure (79%) want to see reduction in fossil fuel use in the next few decades.

People said that they still backed renewable power even if the costs were significantly higher, and they wanted to move away from fossil fuels even if they were cheaper as they are a finite resource. The research also highlighted a massive 75% of the population were in favour of wind energy specifically.

RenewableUK’s Chief Executive, Maria McCaffery, said:

“The message to Government is crystal clear – develop our home grown renewable resources and stop allowing the country to be held hostage to fluctuating international fossil fuel prices.

“With more than 8 out of 10 people concerned about Britain becoming dependent on expensive energy from other countries, it’s vital we develop our massive wind, wave and tidal resources and get the UK providing a majority of its own power again.

“Not only does this bring energy security, with wind already providing the equivalent power for 4.59 million homes in the last year alone, but also the potential for tens of thousands of jobs over the next decade – and we should remember that in 2011-2012 wind energy cost each household only just over 3p per day.”

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Source: RenewableUK

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