Ram Power announces Update for San Jacinto-Tizate

Ram Power, Corp. is pleased to announce an update on the remediation drilling program at the Company’s San Jacinto-Tizate Project (the “Project”).

The Company, in consultation with Sinclair Knight Merz (“SKM”), conducted an evaluation of well SJ 6-2. The evaluation determined that the upper production zones of the well may have been affected by mineral deposition which has resulted in lower permeability and a decline in production since December 2011. As a result of these findings, a remediation plan was developed which calls for additional perforation of the upper production zone liner to increase the permeability of this section of the well.

In preparation for the remediation work, well SJ 6-2 will be removed from production on August 20, 2013, which will result in a temporary loss of power production of approximately 8 MW (net), bringing current production of the Project to approximately 38 MW (net). The remediation activities are expected to take approximately 8-10 days, and following a heat up period, it is anticipated the well will be tested and placed back in service in early September 2013.

Source: Ram Power

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