REA responds to Nuclear Strike Announcement

New nuclear in the 2020s will not help with near-term capacity crunch

Responding to the Government’s announcement of the strike price for EDF’s Hinkley Point C nuclear power station [1], REA Chief Executive Dr Nina Skorupska said:

“Today’s announcement is a major development for the UK energy mix, but it does nothing to address the looming capacity crunch warned of by the Royal Academy of Engineers last week. Hinkley will still be a construction site when old coal and nuclear capacity is shut down. In contrast, the Government could start plugging the generation gap straight away with another reliable low carbon solution: biomass. Biomass plants take only three or four years to build and provide flexible power when we need it. It is not too late to provide support for biomass in the EMR package, and we urge the Government to do so.

“In terms of the contracts, Government must explain why it is subsidising nuclear for 35 years compared to 15 years for renewables. This is not a level playing field. The infographic pitting nuclear against solar and wind is also unhelpful. As Ed Davey stressed today, it is not an either/or choice – we need a diverse energy mix.”

Responding to recent bill increases announced by energy suppliers, Dr Nina Skorupska said:

“The role of renewables subsidies is to help markets and technologies develop so they can come down in price. Government is right to ensure that the costs to consumers of its green policies are as minimal as possible, and we absolutely support the gradual reduction of subsidies as technology costs come down and renewables become more competitive.

“Support for renewables is only 2% of the average bill. In return the UK gets green jobs, inward investment, innovation, world leading new industries, enhanced energy security and of course a liveable climate for the next generation.”

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