Upsolar-powered Microgrid Supports Bangladeshi Community

Students from rural Bangladesh in front of a 1.83 KWp system using Upsolar modules

Energy Assistance France and Friendship team up to address energy poverty

Upsolar, a leading international provider of solar PV modules, is now producing clean electricity for Khamarbahpata school and Nowshala school, (130 children between 10-15 years of age), in rural Bangladesh. Energy Assistance France (EAF), a volunteer organization associated with the Cofely Ineo Group of GDF Suez that assists communities lacking access to electricity, provided 1.38 kW of Upsolar’s modules to Friendship, a Bangladesh-based NGO focused on economic development, for use in the school’s microgrid project.

The Upsolar-powered system provides enough electricity to light the entire complex, and features charging stations for communal use.

“The impact of this project reaches well beyond the 130 students, with the system also powering five computers and charging cell phones for the larger community,” said Pierre Moench, Suez Group engineer and EAF volunteer. “We’re generating more than clean energy here—we’re opening new lines of communication and cultivating economic opportunity.”

Upsolar and EAF are also collaborating on a solar electric project in West Africa, and Friendship plans to implement similar projects along the Ganges River with a goal of bringing electricity to millions.

“Energy poverty impacts far too many communities around the globe, and projects like this showcase the life-changing potential of renewable energy on even the smallest of scales,” said Anne Torricelli, Senior Key Account Manager of Upsolar. “Corporate social and environmental responsibility is in the DNA of Upsolar’s business, and we’re committed to doing our part to help those in need alongside honorable organizations like EAF and Friendship.”

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