Biomethane Tariff Consultation – the Minister responds to the joint letter

As reported on Wednesday, REA and ADBA wrote to Greg Barker outlining our concerns on the biomethane tariff consultation. We have received the reply today, and can be found below. As well as attempting a generally positive tone, the letter does three main things:

Reflects the consistent feedback on gate fees
Reiterates that the present (7.5p/kWh) tariff remains available until any changes to regulations are made
States that no changes will take effect before 1 December 2014. This is in line with our analysis, but is the first time DECC has gone on the record with this
The letter also refers to ongoing engagement with officials. We will be following up on this and expect further details in the next 2-3 weeks. REA will let members know when we have more information.

Source: Biogas

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