CFCL receives Order from Avilos for 100 BlueGEN Units

On 28 February 2014, the Company received an order for 100 BlueGEN units, for delivery within the next twelve months, from the German company Avilos GmbH (“Avilos”). Under the terms of the agreement, Avilos will purchase 100 BlueGEN units on a take-or-pay basis and sell them to private and small commercial customers. Avilos had previously signed up as regional, non-exclusive BlueGEN distribution partner and have received formal training in sales and installation from CFCL.

Avilos has locations both close to Munich (Southern Germany) and in Bremen (Northern Germany) and provides energy solutions for residential buildings and small commercial businesses. Based on the combination of fuel cells, PV solar systems, heat pumps and batteries, Avilos has developed intelligent energy management systems to offer customers a high level of self-sufficient power supply.

Source: CFCL

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