Meridian withdraws from Amuri Hydro Proposal

Meridian Energy today confirmed it will be withdrawing its applications for the proposed Amuri hydro project on the Amuri Plains reach of the Waiau River.

Ngāi Tahu Property and Meridian applied for resource consents to take, store, use and discharge water for a proposed hydro power scheme on the Amuri Plains in October 2011. When applications were lodged Environment Canterbury (ECan) put the applications on hold until the Regional Plan was finalised.

“Meridian and Ngāi Tahu Property’s decision to withdraw from the project was made after carefully considering the demand outlook, the need to invest in new projects and the commercial attractiveness of projects Meridian already holds consents for,” said Chris More, Renewable Options Manager at Meridian.

“Rather than keep the community wondering if we’ll develop the project Meridian, together with Ngāi Tahu Property, has decided to withdraw its consent applications for Amuri,” added Chris More.

“We’ve talked with the landowners and those closely associated with the Amuri proposal about this decision. We’d like to thank the wider community for welcoming Meridian through the consultation phase.”

Meridian remains invested in the region and holds consents to develop the Hurunui wind farm in North Canterbury when the time is right.

The Amuri hydro scheme proposed to take water from around the Leslie Hills Road Bridge area by a canal. The water would then pass through the power scheme before being returned to the Waiau River up to 29 kilometres downstream, below the Waiau Bridge.

Meridian has also been working with Ngāi Tahu Property to assess the Balmoral project, a hydro option on land owned by Ngāi Tahu Property on the Hurunui river. An application for resource consents was made in January 2013. Ngāi Tahu Property will continue to pursue this project independently.

Source: Meridian Energy

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