New England Leads Another Industrial Revolution

Nearly 70% of the companies participating at this year’s Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries Group Exhibit (Europe’s largest hydrogen, fuel cells and battery exhibition) at the Hannover Fair, are from New England states. As reported in PRWeb, Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development Commissioner, Catherine Smith, commented on the impressive hydrogen and fuel cell leadership of Northeast region: “The renewable energy sector in particular is an emerging area of strength…cutting-edge companies [positioned as] leaders in this growing industry.”

Nuvera is among these world leaders of hydrogen and fuel cell technology companies involved in research, design, and manufacturing. According to the report, the industry supply chain includes nearly 1,200 companies involved in the development, manufacture and deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell products. In 2012, the hydrogen and fuel cell supply chain had a significant economic impact contributing nearly $1.1 billion and more than 5,700 jobs to the region.

New England’s successful showing at one of the world’s leading fairs in the revolutionary hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries industry, highlights growth opportunities on which the Northeast can continue to build as states further develop hydrogen economies to support the regions’ environmental and economic goals – and another industrial revolution.

Source: Nuvera

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