RenewableUK warns PM to quash Dangerous Uncertainty spread by Onshore Wind Rumours

Commenting on continuing reports about the Conservative Party’s plans for onshore wind, RenewableUK’s Deputy Chief Executive Maf Smith warned:

“The Prime Minister needs to step in right now and put a stop to these deeply unhelpful leaks concerning the future direction of Conservative party policy on renewable energy.

The suggestion that there should be any kind of moratorium on the development of onshore wind ignores the fact that it is the most cost-effective form of renewable energy available to us as consumers – we need it to drive energy bills down in the long-term.

It also disregards the fact that two-thirds of the public consistently support the growth of onshore wind energy. The fact that these rumours are being allowed to continue about such a popular technology means that every energy and infrastructure investor in the country will be wondering “who’s next?” The message going out is that if a vocal minority complain about popular much needed infrastructure the Prime Minister is unwilling to defend it. That’s bad for investor confidence across the board.”

“Nearly 19,000 people work in the British onshore wind industry – and that number is set to double over the next 10 years unless the Government blows it. Irresponsible, unattributed rumours like this play with all of their jobs.

“Investors will be shaking their heads in disbelief as the Tory party wilfully damages confidence in one of Britain’s flagship new industries. Mr Cameron needs to act firmly and stop some of his MPs using wind energy as a football in their short-term playground politics.”

RenewableUK is the UK’s leading renewable energy trade association, specialising in onshore wind, offshore wind and wave & tidal energy. Formed in 1978, we have an established, large corporate membership ranging from small independent companies, to large international corporations and manufacturers. Acting as a central point of information and a united, representative voice for our membership, we conduct research; find solutions; organise events, facilitate business development, and promote wind and marine renewables to government, industry, the media and the public. Our vision is for renewable energy to play a leading role in powering the UK.

Source: RenewableUK

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