Recent Biofuels

Energy Commission Approves Grants for Energy Storage, Biofuel, Efficiency and Transportation Programs

Adopts 2014 Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) annual report The California Energy Commission approved $21 million in grants for energy innovation and efficiency programs at its monthly business meeting today. Almost a dozen innovative projects – including one to convert forest residues to electricity and another to turn dairy manure into biogas – were funded […]

Feed-in Tariffs: use of glycerol as a feedstock in anaerobic digestion installations

A letter published today contains Ofgem’s position in respect of the use of glycerol in anaerobic digestion supported under the Feed-in Tariff scheme. Please find the letter here. This follows from a meeting organised last year by REA with Ofgem, at which a number of industry representatives discussed their concerns about glycerol in the FIT […]

Valuable Chemical Produced from Renewables Instead of Petroleum

Researchers at Lygos, Inc., an industrial biotechnology company, achieved a critical breakthrough in the cleaner production of malonic acid, a valuable chemical used to manufacture many products, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and specialty materials. More than a decade ago, a report prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy identified malonic acid as one of the […]

Biofuel Proteomics: Joint BioEnergy Institute Researchers Use Proteomics to Profile Switchgrass

If advanced biofuels are to replace gasoline, diesel and jet fuel on a gallon-for-gallon basis at competitive pricing, we’re going to need a new generation of fuel crops – plants designed specifically to serve as feedstocks for fuels. Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) have demonstrated the power of […]

Birmingham City Council’s report on low carbon fuel refuelling infrastructure includes biomethane

Birmingham City Council’s report ‘A city blue print for low carbon fuel refuelling infrastructure’, produced by Element Energy, was published on 24th February. Building on the recently launched ‘Birmingham Connected’ Transport Strategy which sets out a 20 year vision for improving transport in the city, the City Council has developed a blueprint for low carbon […]

Capstone Microturbines to Convert Biogas Into Heat and Power for Irvine Water Recycling Plant

Capstone Turbine Corporation ( (Nasdaq:CPST), the world’s leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, announced today that it received an order to upgrade the Irvine Ranch Water District’s Michelson Water Recycling Plant in Irvine, California with five C200 microturbines. Regatta Solutions Inc., Capstone’s distributor in California, secured the order, which is expected to be […]

Metabolic Path to Improved Biofuel Production

Researchers with the Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI), a partnership that includes Berkeley Lab and the University of California (UC) Berkeley, have found a way to increase the production of fuels and other chemicals from biomass fermented by yeast. By introducing new metabolic pathways into the yeast, they enable the microbes to efficiently ferment cellulose and […]

Department of Agriculture and Energy Department Announce Up to $8.7 Million through the Interagency Biomass Research and Development Initiative

The U.S. Department Agriculture in collaboration with the Energy Department announced that up to $8.7 million in funding will be made available through the Biomass Research and Development Initiative (BRDI) to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil by supporting the development of bioenergy feedstocks, biofuels, and biobased products. The projects funded through BRDI—a joint […]

Non-domestic RHI degression announced

The biomethane tariff category was subject to a 10% degression last quarter (this included a 5% reduction due to the total trigger being hit). The growth trigger required for a subsequent degression for the quarter ending 31 January 2015 would be £2.7m (50% of anticipated increase) for a 5% reduction and £8m (150% of anticipated […]

NREL Report Provides Documentation of the Advanced Biorefinery Landscape

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) released a report in January 2015 on the status of the non-starch ethanol and renewable hydrocarbon biofuels industry in the United States. The report, 2013 Survey of Non-Starch Ethanol and Renewable Hydrocarbon Biofuels Producers, is the first of its kind to provide publically available, open source documentation on the […]