Recent Industry News

First Solar Modules to power Landmark 200 MW Solar Photovoltaic Project in Dubai

Consortium led by ACWA Power establishes global cost benchmark with Middle East’s largest PV plant First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) today announced that it has signed an agreement to supply its high performance photovoltaic (PV) modules to power the 200 megawatt (MW)AC second phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai, […]

Clean Energy launches Community Community Solar Software Platform for Utilities

Clean Energy Collective (CEC), the company that pioneered roofless community-shared solar, today announced the launch of its Community Solar Platform (CSP), a comprehensive suite of software tools and services for utilities, solar developers, and other enterprises to successfully deploy and manage community solar programs. At the core of this game-changing solution is CEC’s proprietary SaaS […]

Better switchgrass, better biofuel

Using switchgrass to produce biofuel is one way to decrease the United States’ dependence on oil, but growing it and making it profitable can be complicated. Switchgrass is an excellent candidate for biofuel production. It is an adaptable plant that can grow on millions of acres of U.S. lands that cannot support crop or food […]

Andalay Solar Completes License Agreement with Hyundai Heavy Industries

Andalay Solar (OTCPink: WEST), a leading supplier of integrated solar power systems, has entered into a License Agreement with Hyundai Heavy Industries whereby Hyundai has licensed Andalay’s Instant Connect ® frame technology to manufacture solar modules. The new Hyundai-branded TG-Series solar modules are available now in the US market. They use 60-cell monocrystalline or polycrystalline […]

Toward tiny, solar-powered sensors

New ultralow-power circuit improves efficiency of energy harvesting to more than 80 percent. The latest buzz in the information technology industry regards “the Internet of things” — the idea that vehicles, appliances, civil-engineering structures, manufacturing equipment, and even livestock would have their own embedded sensors that report information directly to networked servers, aiding with maintenance […]

Bill Grieco Joins Southern Research as Vice President of Its Energy & Environment Division, Where He Will Lead Efforts in the Growing Field of Clean Energy

Southern Research announced that William Grieco, Ph.D., has been named vice president of the research institute’s Energy & Environment division. Given the ever-increasing importance of these areas, the organization now has a senior leader on board to solely focus on energy and environment. Southern Research has a long history in these disciplines, from pioneering technologies […]

Canadian Solar Inc. Announces Results of 2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Canadian Solar Inc. (the “Company” or “Canadian Solar”) (NASDAQ: CSIQ), one of the world’s largest solar power companies, announced that it held its 2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders on June 22, 2015. Each of the proposals submitted for shareholder approval was approved. Specifically, the shareholders approved: The election of Mr. Shawn (Xiaohua) Qu as a […]

sPower Purchases First Wind Project, 62.1MW in Southeastern Utah

sPower Broadens Portfolio of Renewable Energy Projects, Invests in Home State of Utah sPower, a prominent renewable energy provider based in Salt Lake City, Utah, announced that it has acquired its first wind project, a 62.1MW facility in Monticello, Utah. The announcement is well timed, as last Monday was Global Wind Day, a worldwide event […]

5 gigawatt milestone reached by UK’s world-beating offshore wind industry

RenewableUK, the trade association for the wind and marine energy industries, is highlighting the fact that the UK’s offshore wind capacity has surpassed five gigawatts (GW), a significant milestone in the sector. 5.054GW is now installed in UK waters, which is enough to supply the needs of over 3.5 million British households, saving 6.3 million […]

In Estonia the Global Wind Day turned into a Week with a Real Wind Turbine Built

The most distant island of Estonia is called Ruhnu where less than 60 habitants live all year round. The island does not have electricity grid connected to the mainland and relies on expensive diesel generation. Mainly for that reason but also thanks to good wind the Estonian Wind Power Cluster – a consortium working under […]