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Boosting Wind Plant Power Output by 4%–5% through Coordinated Turbine Controls

Wind plant underperformance has plagued wind plant developers for years. To address this problem, researchers and wind turbine manufacturers have been focusing on increasing the performance of individual turbines. Although wind turbine performance has been greatly improved and the cost of wind energy has plunged over time, the issue of underperformance in wind plants with […]

NREL Investigates the Logistics of Transporting and Installing Bigger, Taller Wind Turbines

How do you lift a locomotive higher than the Statue of Liberty, turn a corner hauling a load that is nearly the length of a football field, or take a road trip in a vehicle that is taller than most of the bridges and underpasses? The answers to these questions may not be clear just […]

Brooklyn Wind Turbine granted resource consent

Meridian Energy has been granted resource consent to replace the 21-year-old Brooklyn Wind Turbine. The Brooklyn Wind Turbine situated on Polhill, near Brooklyn in Wellington, has reached the end of its practical operating life. In October last year Meridian applied to Wellington City Council for resource consent to replace the current 45m turbine with a […]

Finavera Wind Energy Receives Final $16.5 million Earn Out From Pattern Energy

Finavera Wind Energy Inc. (‘Finavera Wind Energy’, ‘Finavera’ or the ‘Company’) (TSX-V: FVR) is pleased to announce it has received a final $16.5 million of consideration, primarily in the form of debt forgiveness, from Pattern Renewable Holdings Canada ULC, a subsidiary of Pattern Energy Group LP (‘Pattern Development’) as the final amount payable under the […]

Statkraft sells Minority Interest in UK Onshore Portfolio to reinvest in New Renewable Energy

Statkraft has reached an agreement with Gingko Tree Investment Ltd for the sale of 49 per cent of its onshore wind power portfolio in the UK. Statkraft will continue to manage and operate the wind farms and also continue its relationship with stakeholders and local communities. Statkraft sells 49 per cent of its interest in […]

States can benefit economically by using Wind Power to meet new EPA Carbon Rule for Electric Power Plants

The first-ever federal regulation on carbon pollution from existing electric power plants can be an economic boon to wind-rich states if they meet them by developing more wind energy, the industry’s trade association will testify tonight in Washington, D.C. Electricity generated from a wind farm in one location lets a utility reduce generation from fossil […]

NREL Supports Innovative Offshore Wind Energy Projects

Demonstration Projects Eligible for up to $46.7M Additional Funding In December 2012, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it would fund seven offshore wind demonstration projects as part of an effort to launch an offshore wind industry in the United States. In this initial phase, each of the seven companies received $4 million […]

Onshore wind power statistics for first half of 2014 in Germany: Onshore wind power grows strongly

In the first half of 2014, the German market for onshore wind turbines grew by around 66 percent year over year, with some 1,723 megawatts having been installed. The sector attributes this strong growth to some overlapping effects, specifically a race to get projects completed before the new Renewable Energy Act (dubbed EEG 2.0) takes […]

Iberdrola begins Turbine Assembly of its Penascal Wind Farm Complex (USA) to 606 MW

IBERDROLA is the United States second largest wind power operator IBERDROLA has begun turbine assembly for 202-MW Baffin wind farm, which together with Peñascal I and II wind farms will create IBERDROLA’s largest renewable facility worldwide The Peñascal wind farm complex in Texas will have enough capacity to meet the energy needs of 210,000 U.S. […]

Europe’s installed Wind Capacity will increase 64% by the end of the Decade

Wind turbine installations in the European Union will increase 64% by 2020 compared to 2013 levels, according to data compiled by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). For Estonia, EWEA predicts that the current wind energy capacity of nearly 300 MW will grow up to between 550 and 1000 MW, according to the low and […]