Adam Yamada-Hanff

adam yamada hanff was started by Adam Yamada-Hanff.

Adam's professional digital background consists of being a SEO (search engine optimization) and domain name specialist. With SEO, he dances with search engines and plays with keywords to help put clients at the top of searches. What some people view as the magic of digital marketing Adam views as simple. You just need to learn what Google is looking for.

Aside from digital marketing, Adam is a consummate car guy and "gearhead". Actually anything with wheels he gets excited about. He is a well-respected automotive journalist and editor having co-founded the car news magazine, Combining his interests of writing and cars, working on an online car news magazine is a great fit for him.

Mr. Yamada-Hanff's other business and web projects include;

  • YamadaMedia - His consulting service for SEO and domain names.
  • - Information about the Japanese-American internment.
  • SpoutPro - Simple grow automation for cannabis and hemp growers. SproutPro will also be a complete cannabis CRM (customer relationship manager).
  • HempPedia - The largest Wikipedia style database for cannabis and hemp on the internet.
  • LeafMedicine - LeafMedicine aims to provide industry leading CBD products for those looking for medicine, not just to get high.
  • CBDMonth - A great and fast CBD subscription box service. Get CBD oils delivered right to your door each month and try the latest and greatest flavors.
  • GanjaLink - The goal of GanjaLink is to to be the best cannabis news aggregator on the web.
  • PPCschool - An online learning platform for everything to do with pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.
  • SeoSchool - Similar to PPCschool but it is for learning all about search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Furoshiki - The art of Japanese fabric wrapping, an ancient tradition brought into the modern times.
  • JiuJItsu - An aggregator of info and news for those that practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a martial art.
  • - A pedia style site for all types of different info. Start your own Pedia and share it with the world.
  • SkipTracer - Find people using SkipTracer's tools.
  • BeginnerCoders - A resource for those that are looking to learn in-demand coding and programming skills for web development, building software, or just for fun.
  • CoinCondor - An aggregator for the blockchain, bitcoin, altcoin, and cryptocurrency space.
  • JackalJobs - This is the premiere news aggregator for the recruiting and human resources space.
  • HanffDesign - Another news aggregator for but user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. The main focus is for web development but all types of design.

Adam Yamada-Hanff is a member of the International Motor Press Assocation (IMPA), a non-profit serving those in the automotive media.

Adam is also involved with a charity he help start and still runs today, Give for the Goal. Give for the Goal is a soccer and sports non-profit that helps refugees kids and other low-income hildren get access to soccer gear. Give for the Goal repurposes gently used and like-new soccer equipment to organizations in need. Give for the Goal has worked with organizations such as the LA Galaxy, Soccer Without Borders, and Réunion Sportive d’Haiti. He is very proud and honored of the work Give for the Goal has done for youth soccer in the Baltimore area and beyond.

Via work from Give for the Goal this has allowed Adam to work with for-profit fitness companies on digital marketing efforts. He is a trainer in his free time and you can find his articles on fitness on

Other things Adam enjoys in his spare time is reading, drawing and art, playing with his dog Sierra, voice acting, jamming on his alto saxophone and improv comedy theatre. You can find him regularly taking classes and performing with the Baltimore Improv Group, a non-profit that promote the art of improv in Baltimore.

Adam is under the impression that television was invented to broadcast Top Gear and South Park. He also likely will never get over a hobby of looking at cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles he does not have the money, room, or time for.