5 Advantages of Remote Jobs and Work From Home Jobs - Coronavirus [VIDEO]

With the coronavirus, aka COVID-19, ravaging the world many of us have found ourselves working from home. Today, I wanted to go over 5 advantages to remote jobs and work from home jobs.

5 Advantages of Remote Jobs and Work From Home Jobs - Coronavirus [VIDEO]

1. One, you waste less time commuting

Commuting to and from work can be a real pain. You have to fight traffic, get situated at work, deal with distractions, etc. Remote jobs allow you to get back more of your day. You get more sleep and lets’ be honest, who doesn’t want to sleep-in? Remote work leaves more of your day for quality activities, such as cooking healthy food, physical exercise, reading books, time with family and friends, and of course binge watching your favorite TV shows.

2. Two, you Save money.

Bottom-line, teleworking saves money. On Average Americans can save $2,000 - $6,500 a year by not spending money on gas, vehicle repairs, childcare, and more. You not only save money as an employee but your employer can save money by not having to always provide you office space and supplies.

3. Three, more productive at your job.

Without the hassle of commuting, you can focus more on actually working. That means no office distractions, no water cooler talk and gossip, and working from the comfort of your own home. Many companies through the coronavirus were concerned that employees would be less productive. The exact opposite is true. Studies have shown that people are 13 percent more productive working from home.

4. Four, it will make you happier

Studies have also shown people who work from home are happier. This isn’t surprising as the above three advantages speak for themselves. Often remote jobs are a big advantage for those with young kids and childcare needs. Even those of us that have pets in the family, like my dog Sierra you see in this slide right now.

5. Five, it’s better for the environment.

Of course here at we always appreciate anything that is better for the environment. While the coronavirus is terrible for the economies of the world, with less people commuting, we’ve seen a drastic reduction in greenhouse emissions around the world. The first time in years Los Angeles skies have clean air and the ozone is healing itself. While these worldwide lockdowns can’t last forever, it does beg the question what will societies do after the coronavirus is beaten? Will we work to make a better more sustainable future?

Anyway, these are just some of the advantages we see to remote jobs and work from home jobs. If you have other advantages please share them in the comments below. Please remember to visit for remote work positions.