The 15 Best Cities for Green Jobs

We often get asked by people, "Where is the best place for green jobs?"

We've put together this list of the best cities in America currently for green jobs. A number of factors went into this list by CleanEdge.The amount of clean-tech and green tech investment going into each city, if there is already green jobs in the city.

1. San Francisco -- Oakland -- San Jose, CA

2. Los Angeles -- Riverside -- Orange County, CA

3. New York -- Northern New Jersey -- Long Island, NY, NJ, CT, PA

4. Boston -- Worcester -- Lawrence -- Lowell -- Brockton, MA, NH

5. Washington -- Baltimore, DC, MD, VA, WV

6. Denver-Boulder-Greeley, CO

7. Seattle -- Tacoma -- Bremerton, WA

8. Portland -- Salem, OR

9. Chicago -- Gary -- Kenosha, Il, IN, WI

10. Sacramento -- Yolo County, CA

11. San Diego, CA

12. Austin -- San Marcos, TX

13. Phoenix, AZ

14. Detroit -- Ann Arbor, MI

15. Houston -- Galveston -- Brazoria, TX

Even with this list we always encourage candidates to consider solar jobs, wind jobs, environmental jobs, sustainable jobs, etc. wherever you live.

These cities certain don't have a monopoly on green jobs and the clean-tech sector.