What is a Green Job? (What are Green Jobs?)

One of the most common questions I hear is, "What is a Green Job?" and "What are Green Jobs?" That is a great question.

A concrete definition would be work via a company, work at a non-profit organization, government agency, or self-employment that helps our planet in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

A good example of this would be working for a organization that helps conversation efforts at a local watershed. This could be organizing clean-ups and educating the public about best practices. Or perhaps working at a company that manufactures and sells environmentally-friendly products that are good for the earth. Environmentally friendly products that are biodegradable and don't contribute to waste would be most ideal.

What Skills do you need for a Green Job?

This is another question I receive quite often but there is no clear or direct answer I can give the person asking what skills they need. There are of green jobs out there which require a range of backgrounds and skills. Some green jobs require a lot of education, for instance a Wind Turbine Engineer.

Some positions might not require a lot of formal educational background but could support the efforts of a green organization. A good expel would be a Marketing Coordinator that helps with marketing and outreach efforts of a companies green products.

Keep in mind that a "green job" can include an extremely wide area of jobs. These are just some of the job categories we have on listed on Green Jobs;

We are always adding new green jobs categorizes as the scope, range, and definition expand everyday. This is partly due to the increased need and demand for green jobs across the energy, food, transportation, government, etc. sectors.

Green Jobs are a State of Mind

Here are at Green Jobs believes that "green jobs" isn't just a jobs category though, it is a state-of-mind. You could make your current job a "green job" with the right steps. Does your current employer have a recycling bin? If no, have them get one and start a recycling service.

Green Jobs should help;

  • Improve and find creative ways to improve energy efficiency.
  • Be smart about the use of materials, by recycling and other methods.
  • Reduce and limit greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduce waste and pollution in a range of environments.
  • Restore, protect, and advocate for ecosystems.

If you are doing any of this at your job, even if it isn't a "green job", then you are still doing good for the planet and in our mind, that is still a green job.

What is a Green Job?

Now you know what to say next time someone asks, "What is a Green Job?"

Here at Green Jobs we like to think of a green job as anything that helps the environment no matter how big or small it is. If you make small changes today to help our planet, that can have lasting affects years down-the-line.

Ready to find a green job? Please see our job listings and post your resume if you are on the green job hunt.