Kerry Off-grid Systems

  • Co. Kerry Ireland

An Engineer/Social Entrepreneur is offering a novel internship-style PA role for a period of six months to one year. The single or dual role is to provide support as a:

1) Lifestyle Assistant: supporting the integration of self-sustainable living practices into his high performance lifestyle in a suburban household environment and

2) Private PA: supporting commercial and not-for-profit initiatives in a home office environment.

This is a live-in position and offered on a part-time (1) or full-time (1+2) basis.

This opportunity is available to a self-motivated, holistic minded, middle-aged lady open to exploring pathways to optimum health and self-sustainable living in a copreneurial-type setting.

Mutual support is cornerstone, bringing individual skills and insights are valued and vision is encouraged. Good communication, observation, organisational, multi-tasking and creative thinking skills are essential as well as having an open mind and being comfortable with adopting a grassroots, back-to-basics approach to sustainable living. Some PA and/or green/eco experience is desirable but not necessary as training is provided and task support available when required.

Training is tailored to support career path and workloads. The role accommodates pursuing disciplines of personal interest while developing the skill set required to professionally support individuals, families, businesses and communities with transitioning to self-sustainable living.

A choice of modules comprising of self-paced study material together with tutorials and hands-on experience provides a foundational course in: beyond organic growing methods, nutritional science, energy medicine, environmental toxin removal and protection (EMF + chemical), Tao practice, off-grid systems, mixed currency entrepreneurship, mind mapping and mediation.

Online courses and local workshops are available to supplement training.

The training program is structured to deliver on a website portfolio showcasing a personalised range of lifestyle services supporting the integration of preventative natural health care, urban homesteading and local economy practices into everyday living and working environments.

Lifestyle Assistant responsibilities are managing (planning, scheduling, budgeting and co-ordinating) the daily green living activities. Duties are to provide general assistance with:

► Implementing an urban kitchen garden growing plan using permaculture and biodynamic principles – indoor pots, window, conservatory, micro greens, sprouting, hugel container beds, aquaponics, pallet + vertical gardening, herb spiral, allotment, polytunnel and making compost

► Meal planning + preparation – generally following a hybrid diet of pealo, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free with reference to blood type and Ayurvedic body type

► Regular urban homestead activities include food preserving, wild food harvesting, seed saving and producing homemade dietary supplements + chemical-free cleaning products.

The Lifestyle Assistant role is the basic role (p/t), 3-5 hours/day (flexi-time).

If considering full-time employment, then once settled into the Lifestyle Assistant role, two optional flexi-time roles tailored to your skills and enthusiasm will be offered:

1) A Private PA role providing ad-hoc support with commercial and not-for-profit eco-enterprises.      Current activities include designing, testing and providing workshops in homestead off-grid systems, mentoring micro eco-businesses and facilitating community based eco-initiatives. Responsibilities are diary management and maintaining record systems.

Duties may involve updating blog/website, internet research, networking and event management.

2) An entrepreneurial role promoting innovative home produced green lifestyle products at local level. This venture has great earning potential and is offered as a mentored business partnership.

Based in the coastal town of Tralee, Co. Kerry, this is a unique opportunity to future-proof personal health and professional skills in an easygoing and supportive community environment. If you wish to be considered for either p/t or f/t roles please email résumé + pic and feel free to describe how you might see yourself in the role, further information on request.

Being contactable on skype/whatsapp would be very helpful. Thanks for reading the post.