The Public Interest Network

  • Chicago, IL, USA

Our mission is to tackle some of the big questions facing our country. How do we make sure the next generation has clean air, clean water and a livable climate? How do we change our energy and transportation systems to meet the needs of today, not the last century? How do we grow our food in ways that leave both people and our environment healthier?

Our country needs smart solutions to these problems, and our researchers and advocates have come up with dozens of them. But having good ideas isn’t enough. We have to find ways to cut through all the noise in today’s politics and win over decision-makers, opinion leaders and the public. 

Our network operates more than 15 organizations committed to a shared vision of a better world, a set of core values, and a strategic approach to change. We’re transpartisan. We value dialogue over polarization. We invest in people and strategies that deliver results, including advocacy, lobbying, campaigning, litigation, policy research and grassroots organizing.