League to Save Lake Tahoe

The League to Save Lake Tahoe is a solutions-oriented team of Tahoe advocates who use innovation, boots on-the-ground action and a unique, holistic approach to solve the environmental challenges threatening the Lake we love. Together with our community of residents and visitors, we Keep Tahoe Blue.

We advocate for environmental protections and policies backed by science that ensure Tahoe is resilient in the face of the climate crisis.

We engage Tahoe’s diverse and evolving community of visitors and residents to protect Lake Tahoe by spreading awareness and taking action.We create solutions to the challenges facing Tahoe that strike a balance between enjoyment of the Lake today and its preservation for future generations.

Our History

Since its founding in 1957, the League has been monitoring development and recreation plans, and working with local, state and federal lawmakers to take action to save Lake Tahoe. For instance, in 1998, the League spearheaded the effort to launch the Environmental Improvement Program, which has leveraged over $1 billion in public and private funds to protect and restore Lake Tahoe. Read more about the EIP.

Our focus has been consistent for over 60 years: We urge policy makers to do what is best for lake over the long-term. We try to persuade them to protect the public's interest in a pristine lake, rather than acquiesce to short-term political, economic or private interests.

As author Scott Lankford wrote in a 2013 Tahoe Quarterly article, the successes of the League and its sister organization in San Francisco, Save the Bay have been instrumental in saving the planet's lakes, bays and beaches: "Their influence on national water policy soon became truly international in scope, triggering a global tsunami of water-conservation legislation worldwide." The League started as a small movement of concerned citizens, but the organization quickly grew to be the most influential voice for environmental protection at Tahoe.


The League has an impressive record of accomplishment. For over 60 years, we've stood up for the lake, sometimes in the face of long odds, tough opposition or political unpopularity. Because of a steadfast commitment to our mission, we have been instrumental in every environmental success story here. For example, the League persuaded policy makers to adopt an urban boundary, thereby halting the spread of urban development into Tahoe's forests and meadows, and initiated the very successful effort to bring public funds to Lake Tahoe to protect and restore its watershed.

Outreach and Volunteerism

The League conducts extensive outreach and education on the environmental challenges facing Lake Tahoe.

We host numerous volunteer days and social events throughout the year. Our newest programs, Eyes on the Lake and Pipe Keepers, were launched to help safeguard shoreline beauty by monitor what's flowing into the lake from storm drains and tracking the spread of invasive species. Throughout the summer, we engage the community to help tackle weeds on land and in the water. Our annual Tahoe Forest Stewardship Day brings together hundreds of volunteers in an effort to promote forest health and fire prevention. We participate in Coastal Cleanup Day, host storm drain stenciling events and we can be found at Earth Day festivals throughout the Basin. Read more about our volunteer programs and education initiatives, or visit our events page to find out this year's dates and locations.