UpEnergy (U) Ltd.

UpEnergy brings aspirational products that save energy and improve health within reach of low-income customers. We develop distribution channels that sell efficient and clean technologies, primarily efficient cookstoves. We finance our growth through the generation and marketing of carbon emissions reductions sold in Europe, Asia, and North America.

We sell products in under our SmartHome brand and through partnerships with other brands. We operate regional distribution hubs and build distribution relationships with retailers, and directly with customers, through the SmartHome sales force. We’ve seen 100% year on year growth for two straight years.  We now sell over 20,000 units per month that save each family we reach about 9% of their annual income and reduce air pollution.

Globally, UpEnergy has built a range of projects that enable low income customers to access improved technologies. We leverage impact-oriented investment to develop and distribute technologies that are affordable and that save energy.  We rely on 3rd parties to quantify the carbon savings associated with our products and we manage 3rd party audits to generate UN certified carbon credits (CERs) delivered to buyers in Europe and Asia. Our long-term carbon sales relationships have uniquely positioned us to rapidly grow distribution. UpEnergy’s team has a collective 50 years of experience in climate finance and is at the forefront of Paris-era project finance.