We are a mission-driven company, advocating for an accelerated global shift to a 100% solar-powered economy. Our contribution to this global shift is the OpenSolar App - the simplest, fastest and most powerful tool for solar professionals. We’re making OpenSolar App available online to all solar professionals across the globe, totally free.  Here's why:

We want to accelerate the transition to solar energy globally, and achieve a 100% solar powered economy in a timeframe that can avoid the most destructive elements of climate change – and reduce the extant risk of runaway, out-of-control climate change which will destroy billions of years of life’s work in the ecosystem around us, and make life worse for generations of humans to come.

We’ve been inspired to act by the increasing global movement to create change, and by the powerful voices of the world’s younger generation (and our own kids!).  Through our decades of solar experience, we've seen the value that good solar software can bring, and also just how expensive most of that software is. So we're offering our best- in-class tool for free (forever) to help accelerate the growth of solar businesses across the globe.