Adjunct Instructor-Agriculture Career & Technical Education Programs

Northeast Iowa Community College
Baltimore, IA
United States
Job Description
Duties And Responsibilities
Possess a comprehensive understanding and direct experience within the area of instruction. Possess necessary skills to organize and develop relevant curriculum and teach/evaluate student performance. Delivery of duties may include daytime, evenings, and/or weekends. Meet all initial credential requirements and maintain credentialing in compliance with NICC Quality Faculty Plan. Regularly engage in professional development activities, staying abreast of technological advances in the area of teaching. Represent the college in a professional, positive manner with prospective, former and current students, staff, faculty, administrators, employers and community contacts. Possess the ability to demonstrate respect for and sensitivity to a diverse student population. Possess ability to develop, organize, and present various curriculum concepts to wide diversity of students. Establish and maintain positive personal/professional working relationships with students, colleagues, staff, administrators, and all community contacts. Possess ability to communicate orally and in writing. Possess ability to work with personalities of diverse backgrounds in the classroom and in work groups with colleagues. Assist with development of retention and recruiting strategies. As an NICC employee, support the college mission and maintain conduct in a positive/professional manner which comports with NICC policies and procedures. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Must possess a Bachelor of Science Degree, Master’s Degree preferred, with a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience at the K-12 level and/or 6,000 hours of training comprised of recent and relevant experience within the agriculture/animal husbandry industry. This position requires an equal balance of teaching theory and “hands on” knowledge, skills and abilities to prepare students to successfully perform competencies consistent with the rigor of the aforementioned programs. Successful performance of duties requires competency and a comprehensive understanding of all phases of agriculture and animal science such as: *Agriculture Production *Agriculture Business *Agriculture Finance- Sales/Risk Management *Animal Science, i.e. animal health, genetics, reproductive techniques *Agronomy/Crop Science *Beef Science *Dairy Science/Production