Agricultural/Livestock Economist

Wildlife Conservation Society
Baltimore, MD
United States
Job Description
Job Description
Undertake a desktop review of the most recent reports (e.g. FAO) and existing literature documenting the systems/dynamics/practices in domestic duck farming in Cambodia • Organize and review relevant spatial and survey data generated by WCS. WCS will provide relevant spatial data and maps, including study area boundaries, farm/flock locations mapped to date, and wild bird outbreak locations. Initial survey responses collected by WCS will also be provided. The consultant will review the provided data prior to constructing their workplan. • Visit field site and gather data required from 5 to 10 pre-selected small- to medium-holder farms to generate: o A profile of duck farming around Boueng Sne, including assessments of: buyers/offtakes/demand; ownership patterns (including gender roles) at each selected farm; movement of poultry in/out of the site while tracing back to original suppliers. Travel outside of the immediate field location to confirm duck supply locations may be required. o A cost-benefit assessment completed for each selected farm, evaluating cost of current farming methods and loss projections due to disease outbreak events compared to the cost of potential alternative farming methods with increased biosecurity and improved husbandry. o Entry points identified to improve cost efficiency of farming practices. The consultant shall advise WCS on practical recommendations to be provided to farmers. These may include specific husbandry, housing, feed, biosecurity, relocation, or other changes specific to each farm/flock. o Determine actionable steps for implementation of the recommendations (above) in the form of a roadmap • Cooperate with WCS Cambodia and government partners throughout the contract period, with ad-hoc meetings as needed to ensure smooth coordination.

Qualification Requirements
The consultant must conform to the following qualifications: • Education: Minimum of master level in field relevant to agriculture/livestock economics. • Professional experience: At least 5 years of experience in agriculture/livestock economics in developing countries, preferably in low-resource settings with primarily small- to medium-holder farms. • Experience in the region is a plus. • Knowledge of animal health and disease is preferred. • English proficiency required. • Excellent interpersonal skills and cooperative attitude. • Good ability to meet and multi-task deadlines. • Dedication to conservation and sustainable development