Agriculture Technology Instructor

Fletcher Technical Community College
Baltimore, LA
United States
Job Description

Agriculture Technology Instructor

Job no: 494088

Work type: Faculty Full-Time

Location: Thibodaux, LA

Categories: Academic Affairs

College: Fletcher

Department: Academic Affairs & Initiatives

Type of Appointment: Unclassified - Faculty 9 month


Duties and Responsibilities: 

• Maintain performance standards and pursue goals, objectives, and activities that promote the mission and values of the College.

• Adhere to designated schedule of classes and office hours. Begin class on time and meet for the required contact hours. Submit, post, and keep regular required office hours.

• Create a learning environment in which all students are treated equitably and with respect. Communicate effectively with students, colleagues, and supervisors and utilize appropriate channels of communication within the college community concerning procedures and/or inquiries.

• Develop, distribute, and post the semester course syllabi to Course Management System as approved by supervisor within the first week of the course. Syllabi must be in accordance with approved master syllabi and describe in detail the requirements of the course/module, attendance policy, assessment strategies, grading system, classroom policies, and other information as appropriate.

• Devote adequate time to class preparation for the instructional process, such that class time is maximized to the benefit of the students and content is presented in a professional manner. Utilize a variety of teaching methods and evaluation methods, to accommodate students with varying learning styles, with adequate opportunity for students to engage in dialogue about course content, while covering the approved curriculum. Collaborate with departmental colleagues regarding instruction, the selection of library resources (software, textbooks, etc.), and the development of master course syllabi. Use assessment tools that align with master and departmental syllabi.

• Monitor enrollment of students in classes by directing students who are not officially enrolled to the appropriate office to correct enrollment problems and by restricting attendance to students who are officially enrolled.

• Attend and provide meaningful instruction for all class sessions during the semesters. Be punctual in class attendance and provide instruction for the complete class period. Make appropriate arrangements for necessary absences according to College policies. Be adaptable to schedule/load adjustments based upon enrollment and accountable for a forty-hour workweek, including instructional responsibilities, planning, meetings, etc.

• Develop and update a mechanism for collecting data in the assessment of course learning objectives and program student learning outcomes OR general education competencies. Engage in classroom research and assessment of learning experiences of students both for immediate feedback for teachers and students for long-range improvement of courses, degree programs, and general education effectiveness.

• Maximize the use of advanced technology in the classroom or available learning centers as appropriate.

• Develop and administer periodic tests, assignments, and informal classroom assessment (formative and summative) to monitor students' performances and instructional effectiveness. Administer final examinations during the scheduled exam periods.

• Maintain accurate attendance, progress, and evaluation instruments in an acceptable grade book format and file grade books with the registrar at the end of each semester (retain evaluation instruments no less than 3 years); adhere to all timelines established with submission of grade rosters, reporting non-attendance, counseling referrals, withdrawals for excessive absences, responding to records inquiries and other communications regarding students.

• Maintain placement and follow-up records on all students in cooperation with Enrollment Services, as applicable.

• Serve as a resource for students regarding job opportunities in the discipline or program, certification or licensure, and articulated programs and course work at secondary and post-secondary institutions. Serve as a resource for students in the pursuit of employment or advanced educational opportunities, completing recommendations, and assist students in their pursuit of meaningful educational goals by staying informed and offering reliable, accurate information about programs and opportunities the college offers.

• Participate in committee activities within the department and at the campus and College levels.

• Maintain accurate attendance, progress, and evaluation records in an acceptable grade book format and file the grades (photocopies/print outs) with the registrar at the end of each semester; adhere to all time lines established by the College, particularly with respect to the submission of grade rosters, reporting non attendance of students, referring students for counseling, withdrawing students from classes for excessive absences, and responding to records inquiries and other communications about students in a timely manner.

• Serve as academic advisor and participate in recruitment, registration, and retention activities for students within the department, including referring students who are at risk of failure due to absences for advising or counseling. Faculty advisors are required to monitor students' progress in courses and provide timely feedback to aid academic success and to inform degree program coordinators regarding course offerings.

• Tutor students either in their subject specific laboratory setting (shop, nursing lab, music lab, etc.), in the tutoring center (all subjects not location specific), or virtually. Work with the Tutoring Center Coordinator to schedule office hours according to student needs and faculty schedule.

• Advise and mentor students. Participate in recruitment, registration, and retention activities for students in the department's programs, including referring students at risk of failure due to absences for advising or counseling. Faculty advisors are required to monitor students' progress in courses and provide timely feedback to aid academic success and to inform degree program coordinators regarding course offerings.

• Develop and maintain an active Program Advisory Committee, as applicable, considering their recommendations in developing appropriate instructional materials and equipment changes/grades.

• Attend and participate in scheduled activities, which include graduation, open house/recruiting events as assigned, advising during registration and any specially held registrations, tutoring, seminars, college convocation, and required meetings. Share ideas and information, and work toward common department and College goals.

• Serve on college committees as a member or as chair. Serve on search committees.

• Participate in professional development activities that enhance effectiveness, particularly with teaching and student learning (convocation, instructional strategies, advising, policies, databases, information systems, and software, etc.).

• Volunteer to requests for coverage of a colleague's class on an emergency basis, application of expertise in tasks that serve the college, speaking engagements, advising a student organization, developing new organizations, assisting/supporting student activities, assisting at local conferences, or fundraisers.

• Represent the college in a manner that promotes a professional and positive image.

• Complete all academic and occupational credential requirements defined by LCTCS Board policies and procedures, and requirements defined by accrediting agencies.

• Adhere to College and LCTCS policies. Enforce policies (prohibit the use of food in the classroom, smoking, drugs, firearms, misuse of college property, etc.). Provide classroom instruction in accordance with policies (Americans with Disabilities Act, harassment, etc.) and/or other legal requirements.

• Complete all trainings required by LCTCS and/or Fletcher in a timely manner prior to due dates.

• Perform other duties as assigned.

Program specific duties:

• Instruct students in the safe and proper use of equipment and supplies and in procedures for proper housekeeping and storage of materials.

• Able to perform and provide instruction on basic repairs and required maintenance using special tools and current agricultural equipment following technical manual procedures.

• Possess proficient knowledge of current mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems used in the repair of agricultural and turf equipment.

• Able to operate vehicles and equipment used for agricultural tractors and implement diagnostic procedures.


Required Education: An Associate degree from an accredited college or university plus professional experience or industry certifications or 10+ years of professional experience.


Required KSAs: Candidates must have good instructional techniques; computer knowledge; student-centered attitude; and must be well organized.


Preferred Education: A current service technician certification from at least one agricultural manufacturer program.


Passing pre-employment criminal background screen is required as a condition of employment.


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The Houma, Schriever, Thibodaux community is famous for its Cajun food, charter boat fishing, swamps, Cajun music and dance halls. Also, it is well known for its birding trails, an exotic wildlife park, museums, Mardi Gras celebrations, medical facilities and more. The area is designated a retirement community and offers diversity and a rich culture. Residents take pride in their properties and that curb appeal adds to the richness of the community.


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