Assistant Director, Business Development/Planning

WV Department of Agriculture
Charleston, WV
United States
Job Description
Job Title:            Assistant Director, Business Development/Planning - P00071

Division:            Agriculture Business Development

Headquarters: Guthrie Agricultural Center, Charleston WV

FLSA Status:     Exempt

Nature of Work:

The Assistant Director, Business Development/Planning coordinates, implements, monitors and manages all project deliverables, administrative tasks, communications, and reporting related to the delivery of projects and activities for the purposes of carrying out the Business Development and Planning initiatives. The Assistant Director Business Development/Planning oversees the agriculture projects, and agribusinesses to support economic and business development and planning throughout the state, strategic planning, composing reports and budgets, and general administrative duties.

Examples of Work:

  • Provide administrative, management direction and support to unit staff and programs on a continuous basis.

  • Pursue and manage grant and partnership activities.

  • Maintain program collateral and agribusiness communication and branding, and implementation tools for Agriculture businesses.

  • Coordinate, write and revise program reports, annual plans, terms and conditions and other programmatic tools.

  • Write and edit grant applications for the department, manage, monitor and implement grants.

  • Develop program to administer grants including application ranking, reporting and accountability.

  • Provide project management and oversight for existing and future projects as directed by Division Director.

  • Assist Director with the development of new projects, program activities and fostering collaborative relationships for agribusiness initiatives.

  • Provides for staff member development by giving consideration to attendance at professional and program development meetings.

  • Review time, attendance reports, leave slips, expense accounts, weekly activity reports, and other unit staff paperwork, as necessary, and coordinate the preparation of unit reports for the Division, including proofreading and editing.

  • .Assist with the development of the Division's budget for services, supplies, and equipment.

  • Interpret statutes, regulations, and policies to staff, other managers, and the public.

  • Attends Division staff meetings, carries out directives of the Division Director and is available for consultation about on-going or proposed activities of the unit.

  • Represent the Department and Division at meetings, and other program-related meetings.

  • Maintain contact with federal agencies, as well as state and local government agencies, as necessary, for the purpose of intergovernmental cooperation.

  • Serve on hiring committees for the unit.

  • Other duties as assigned.

Working Conditions:  Office environment; sitting, standing, walking, driving, lifting up to 50 pounds.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Advanced knowledge of the organization and programs of the Unit, Division and Department.

  • Expert knowledge of the principles and techniques of management, including organization, planning, staffing, training, budgeting, and reporting.

  • Advanced knowledge of state government organization, programs and functions.

  • Seasoned knowledge of state legislative processes.

  • Advanced knowledge of federal, state, and local government relationships as they relate to the program, mission, and operations of the unit.

  • Excellent ability to plan, direct, and coordinate the program and administrative activities of the unit.

  • Expert ability to supervise others.

  • Ability to think and plan strategically.

  • Advanced ability to evaluate operational situations, analyze data and facts in preparation for administrative and policy decisions.

  • Expert ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other government officials, employees, and the public.

  • Expert ability to present ideas effectively, both verbal and in writing.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree in economics, agriculture, agribusiness, food sciences/technology, agriculture finance, business administration, marketing, business, project management or a related field.

Experience: Ten years of full-time paid employment in carrying out technical work in the area of assignment preferred. Three of the ten years must consist of supervisory or management duties.

Additional Requirements:

  • A valid driver’s license is required.

  • Satisfactory completion of pre-employment drug testing.

  • Satisfactory completion of pre-employment law enforcement background investigation, including DMV records.

  • Must maintain a positive image of the Commissioner, West Virginia Department of Agriculture, and the State of West Virginia.

                           This description is subject to review and revision at the discretion of the Commissioner and designees.

                                              West Virginia Department of Agriculture is an equal opportunity employer.