Candler-Breaker Plant

Thompson, IA 50478
United States
Job Description

Job Summary:

A) Inspect liquid egg for imperfections, pick shell fragments out of cups and pull trigger handle of cup when imperfections exist.  (B) Inspect egg for imperfections; discard shelled eggs with imperfections into bucket and pull dirty eggs to send back to be rewashed. (Both) Clean up with a high-pressure wand, assemble/disassemble equipment and rotate as assembly/disassembly crew.  Work on a fast-paced line.   This is a regular full time position.


Essential Job Functions:

A-Breaker Machine Operator

  • Inspect liquid egg for imperfections (i.e. bloodspots, meat spots or rots)
  • Pick shell fragments out of cups and discard into inedible bucket
  • Pull trigger handle on cup when imperfections exist


  • Inspect eggs on conveyor line for imperfections (i.e. blood spots, meat spots, rots, leakers or any shell imperfections)
  • Discard shelled eggs with imperfections into inedible bucket
  • Pull dirty eggs from conveyor line and send back to be rewashed


  • Take appropriate action to ensure the integrity and sustained certification of the SQF system.
  • Responsible for reporting and taking any necessary action to prevent food safety and food quality problems from occurring.
  • Responsible for following and enforcing procedures outlined in the Food Safety Plan and the Food Quality Plan and any other programs that support the SQF system and other 3rd party audits.
  • A trained designee will be appointed by plant management to cover for absences or vacancies.
  • Rotate as set-up crew (i.e. pipe assembly, filter assembly and distribute inedible buckets)
  • Rotate as break clean up crew (i.e. operation of high pressure wand, disassembly/reassembly of equipment and general sanitation)
  • Follow all OSHA safety regulations and procedures
  • Interact with USDA inspector
  • Perform other tasks as assigned

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


  • Ability to work on a fast-paced line
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Concentration
  • Awareness and knowledge of surroundings in relation to climate, atmosphere and equipment
  • Attention to detail
  • Hand/Eye/Foot Coordination
  • Independent Self Starter/Team player


  • Rubber Boots/Frocks/ Hearing Protection/ Safety Glasses/ Hair nets/beard nets
  • Hand tools/High pressure wand
  • Large push broom, kitchen broom, squeegee

Universal Expectations:

  • Follow all Bio-Security Procedures
  • Ensure that all care is provided with respect to customer, client and co-workers’ rights
  • Ensure a safe and clean work environment
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Adhere to work schedules in completing and performing assigned tasks



United States