Digital Marketing Internship (Remote)

Job Posted 8/23/2023
Patriot Chimney Services
Virginia, VA 24064
United States
Category Marketing Jobs
Job Description

Hi! Thanks for your interest in working with us. The digital marketing intern will play an active role in developing the Patriot Chimney community. Patriot Chimney is a young, forward-thinking company looking to hire an intern with a desire to work in the digital marketing field upon graduation. 

The intern will manage various aspects of our digital marketing strategy, such as search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rate optimization (CRO), social media, and pay per click advertising (PPC). 

You don’t need to have any experience working with any of the above topics. But you should have the desire to learn more. And a desire to work in digital marketing in some sort once you graduate from college. And the ability to work 10 hours per week.

By the end of this internship, you’ll have certifications and experience to add to your resume. Plus, we will have built several deliverables that you can take to your future workplace to showcase your abilities.

This internship is unpaid but will receive a $500 stipend for books each semester.


  • Post on social media - Facebook & Twitter -

    • We use Buffer to manage the content. Write it all at once and schedule it to be posted.

    • We share information about the blogs that we publish each week

  • Post in the Facebook Yardsale groups three times per week

    • We’ll work together to create the messaging

  • Write blog posts twice a week and submit to our design team to publish on the website

    • This includes keyword research, creating the outline

  • Monthly funnel creation to help secure new clients

    • This means helping to build the content and the PPC campaign

    • This also means checking up on the data and analytics for each of the campaigns we run. 

    • As well as checking on the heatmap to see how our clients are responding

  • Create images and graphics to share on social media and on the website. We use Canva for a lot of our graphic creation. 

  • Search for backlinks to our website.

  • Use social media as a Public Relations tool - we want to be involved in the Roanoke, VA area. 

  • Help design certain aspects of the website using Divi

  • Other projects as assigned. For example:

    • Design a catalog

    • Build customer packets

    • Create a marketing booklet to pitch to other businesses

    • Design uniforms

    • Build an ecommerce brand for Patriot Chimney

    • Manage billboard ads, radio ads, TV ads

    • Send and analyze client surveys

    • Set up email marketing campaigns

    • Design guerilla marketing items - pens, shirts, hats, stickers, calendars, etc.

    • Design Newspaper ads

    • Update meta descriptions, image alt tags, etc.


  • Flexible working hours - just meet the deadlines and be able to meet with me via Zoom once a week (or when scheduled). Otherwise, we’ll work and communicate via Slack.

  • Work anywhere. I don’t have an office for you to meet. 

  • Take time off during exams and holidays - just work to finish the tasks at hand.

  • Providing a work experience that will actually help you land a job after college. We’ll get certifications, set up a portfolio for you to share.