Digital Marketing Manager

Job Posted 8/23/2023
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Corpus Christi, TX
United States
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Job Description




Job Description 


Title: Digital Marketing Manager

Report to: VP of Client Service



The Digital Marketing Manager leads a team of support associates (remote, nearshore and offshore) to drive successful outcomes for the entire digital marketing team. They are the experts in paid media, organic search optimization, data and analytics and they are eager to multiply their knowledge throughout the company.  Their coaching and training brings the best out of their team, they are committed to creating and optimizing documented processes and they have the highest standards for their teams’ deliverables.


Responsibilities & Processes

Team Development (50%)

     ●      Group training on best practices, standardized processes, and emerging techniques

     ●      1-to-1 coaching of individual team members for skill growth & advancement

     ●      Support account strategy with high quality deliverables for internal and external use

Process Improvement (25%)

     ●      Proactively identify areas where documented processes should be created

     ●      Obsessed with documenting and teaching core processes in its simplest, most effective forms

     ●      Train and develop associates, analysts, strategists and managers to consistently use and improve processes

Working Through Others (25%)

     ●      Screen and delegate assigned briefs for associates

     ●      Set clear expectations and communicate with confidence to achieve high levels of performance

     ●      Lead collaborator in project management for associates, ensuring accurate format and timely delivery of tasks

     ●      Review and submit completed, high-quality deliverables executed by others



●      Dealing with Ambiguity

○      Can effectively cope with change

○      Can shift gears comfortably

○      Can decide and act without having the total picture

○      Isn’t upset when things are in the air

○      Doesn’t have to finish things before moving on

○      Can comfortably handle risks and uncertainty

●      Innovation Management

○      Skilled at managing the creative process of others, and bringing their best creative ideas to market

○      Has good judgment about which creative ideas and suggestions will work, and how they may play out in the market

○      Facilitates effective brainstorming

●      Developing Direct Reports and Others

○      Is a people builder, aware of each person’s career goals

○      Constructs compelling development plans and executes them with frequent discussions

○      Pushes people with challenging assignments, developmental moves that stretch them

○      Cooperates with the developmental system in the organization

●      Building Effective Teams

○      Blends people into teams when needed

○      Creates strong morale and spirit in his/her team

○      Shares wins and successes

○      Fosters open dialogue

○      Lets people finish and be responsible for their work

○      Defines success in terms of the whole team

○      Creates a feeling of belonging in the team

●      Managing Through Systems

○      Can design practices, processes, and procedures which allow managing from a distance

○      Is comfortable letting things manage themselves without intervening

○      Can make things work through others without being there

○      Can impact people and results remotely

●      Functional/Technical Skills

○      Google Analytics (Goals, Attribution, Funnels)

○      Office Suite (Slides/PowerPoint, Docs/Word, Sheets/Excel)

○      Advanced experience in both developing and executing marketing strategies and campaigns; familiarity with multiple          channels including organic, paid



●      3+ years of experience in digital marketing, comfortable as a generalist marketer or marketing manager

●      Experience building and managing a team

●      Prior experience working in a digital marketing agency

●      Prior experience with Lead Generation and E-Commerce businesses



●      Relevant Certifications: Google Analytics

●      Nice, but not necessary: SEO and Paid Media specific certifications, general marketing certifications (Hubspot, AMA, DMI)

●      Prior people leadership experience, including leading projects and/or direct reports



  • Annual Base Salary $70k-$90k

  • Bonus $0-$2k per quarter


  • 401(k)

  • 401(k) matching

  • Dental insurance

  • Flexible spending account

  • Health insurance

  • Health savings account

  • Life insurance

  • Paid time off

  • Retirement plan

  • Vision insurance


  • Full-time

  • Monday to Friday

Work Location: Remote


United States