Ethanol Production Operator - Night Shift

Job Posted 8/23/2023
Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
United States
Job Description

Job Type



Shift: 8pm-8am

Schedule: 4 on, 4 off

Night Shift Differential: +$1/hour


Operate machinery and equipment necessary in the production of ethanol and co-products, including the loading and unloading of all products delivered and shipped out. Testing and monitoring of the entire process. This position will work 12 hour shift. Ensure all tasks are completed in a safe and efficient manner according to approved policies and practices. Must complete all training and skills testing as specified.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

  1. This position is expected to learn all areas of the plant over a short period of time. These areas consist of a.) Cook area which incorporates corn grind through to fermentation, b.) DD&E area which consists of distillation, dehydration (sieves) and evaporation, c.) Energy center which entails the regenerative thermal oxidizer, boiler, water treatment, driers and centrifuges, d.) Board Operation, which entails managing the plant process within set parameters through the utilization of the distributive control systems (DCS), e.) product handling, loading and testing
  2. All areas are responsible for collaboration with all other area personnel.   
  3. Ensure all SOP’s, standards of quality and documentation of duties are completed as required
  4. Inspect grain received to ensure that it meets company standards.
  5. Communicate with QA/QC laboratory to ensure effective participation in the implementation of quality control policies i.e Food Safety Modernization Act.
  6. Weighing in/out of all trucks to the proper location for loading/unloading within the plant.
  7. Timely loading and unloading of all ethanol, distiller’s grains and other products by railcar and truck.
  8. Move and load rail cars in a safe and efficient manner
  9. Ensure all appropriate regulations related to loading, shipping and receiving individual products are met at all times.
  10. Proper completion of all records related to the products loaded for shipment from the plant site.
  11. Responsible for testing all required equipment and completion of all related records.  
  12. Submit Work Requests and documentation of completed work using the CPMS software.  
  13. Collect, test, analyze and record results of samples taken from process. 
  14. Clean areas as assigned and ensure area is cleaned and secure upon completion..
  15. Housekeeping as related, but not limited to the cleanliness and orderly organization of grain handling area, distiller’s grains area, hammer mill and cook area are to be cleaned by the end of your shift.
  16. Keep current on the status of all operating equipment in your section. 
  17. Maintain rolling stock to include loaders, railcar mover, skid steer and forklift by checking fluid levels, greasing, lubricating and re-fueling.
  18. Inspect loaders, Railcar mover, etc. for defects, cracks, breaks, tires, etc. according to the designated schedule issued by maintenance and document the inspection results.
  19. Grease and check oil levels in grain receiving area at the designated schedule issued by maintenance.
  20. Maintain scale house, ethanol load-out and truck buildings
  21. Pump out all areas as needed.
  22. Properly document any near-misses, accidents and/or injuries.
  23. Keep the plant in a “Tour Ready” condition at all times.
  24. Empty sample containers as needed.
  25. Complete all duties in a safe and efficient manner at all times.
  26. Other duties as may be assigned to accomplish the safe and timely day-to-day operations within the plant.
  27. Wear personal protective equipment as required in the particular area of the plant.



  • Previous process experience or education strongly preferred
  • Proficiency working with computer and related products, i.e. MicroSoft Products
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks
  • Ability to work well with others and ability to work independently
  • Exemplify the high standards necessary to accomplish the goals of the Company
  • Ability to complete all the certifications and pass tests for all designated areas

Education and Experience

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent required
  • Demonstrated competencies 
  • Work experience & equivalent to 2 years experience in core essential responsibilities and duties. 

Physical Demands

  • Ability to lift and/or move up to 50lbs 
  • Ability to climb stairs and ladders
  • Ability to work in outside conditions and adverse weather
  • Walking
  • Standing
  • Sweeping

Working Environment

  • While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly exposed to work near moving mechanical parts.
  • The employee is regularly exposed to dusty conditions
  • The employee is regularly exposed to high noise environments.
  • The employee is regularly exposed to outside weather in all conditions.
  • The employee will regularly be exposed to chemicals used in the process. (including dry industrial penicillin)

Salary Description

Starting at $22.00/hr + $1/hr shift differential