Flock Specialist (Bird animal caretaker) Casetero

Baltimore, IA
United States
Job Description

Now with a welcome bonus of $2,000. 

About Us:

Joining the Versova family of companies is more than just starting a new job. When you are employed by Versova, you immediately are part of something bigger – a team of dedicated individuals working under a common set of core values and guiding principles.  As an organization and as individuals within that organization, we are guided by principles that include excellence, ownership, initiative, execution, and continuous improvement.

The Versova team is built from people who will integrate our shared values in their lives and work with our companies. Together we celebrate our collective efforts, perform to our highest potential, help others, enrich our communities and maintain strong ethical standards and accountability for our actions.

Our expectation of our team members is that every employee will take ownership by accepting accountability for their actions and proactively take initiative to execute any task. Our team members are good stewards of our people, birds, product and equipment.  Our team members also possess an attitude of servant leadership by always asking “what can I do to help”. Finally, by continuously striving to improve, our team members are driving our organization to be the premier egg producer. 

Job Summary:

The Flock Specialist is responsible for the health and conditions of the chickens.  This includes maintaining the highest standards of ethical treatment of chickens.  This position is also responsible for maintaining the equipment and facilities of the barn – both inside and out. 

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Ensure the fair and ethical treatment of livestock, ensuring best industry standards while working with all livestock and livestock conditions.  This includes following all procedures as outlined by the USDA, FDA, and all other Federal, State and local government agencies.
  2. Remove dead birds from all cages, and help with blitz traps.
  3. Walk up and down all rows to fix egg jams.
  4. Replace all burn out light bulbs.
  5. Clean water and feed in front and back of barns.
  6. Clean egg transfers.
  7. Blow off egg collectors.
  8. Sweep all walkways and shovel pits.
  9. Blow down front and back of barns.
  10. Catch loose birds.



EDUCATION                                        High School or GED

EXPERIENCE                                       Previous flock experience

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS                 Must be able to lift 50lbs and agile.


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United States